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Posted 12/20/16 at 5:28 AM | Linda Cartwright

Teach Your Teen Mindful Dating

Social interactions, and dating it particular, often become the center of teenager life. It is a very important stage on their way to maturity, and it is only natural teens put so much value into their friendship and romantic relationship. They make mistakes, they learn, they look for their own “tribe” – and yes, it means they will want more autonomy and freedom.

Teenagers tend to have this “No one gets me” attitude, with “one” being most often, the parents. It is simple, really. Parents tend to either overreact to the problem, or on the contrary, underestimate it. They have their experience. They (seemingly to the teenager) overreact to things that pose some kind of danger to their child and underestimate teen’s emotional struggle. For teenagers, the latter is real, while the former is close to non-existent. The truth is, as always, in between, for both are real and both matter. Try to keep it in mind while approaching your child and having a conversation about dating and relationship. FULL POST