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Ann Dunagan

With a passion for the Lord and the lost, Ann is an international minister alongside her husband, a homeschooling mother of seven, and the author of several books including The Mission-Minded Family.

Posted 1/22/10 at 2:12 PM | Ann Dunagan

As families, we're blessed to be a BLESSING!

Think for a moment about how different your life would be if you were born in a land isolated from God and filled with extreme poverty, sickness, and disease. What would it be like if you were born in an area where praying to an idol or giving homage to an ancestor was your only hope? What if constant fear of evil spirits consumed your life? Wouldn't you want someone to share God's life-giving message of salvation with you?


TODAY!!! January 22, 2010:  It's not too late to participate!  Through your prayers, your family can be a blessing to those who are HURTING and those who are HELPING in Haiti. Join together with other Christian believers from across the globe in today's WORLD PRAYER & FASTING DAY for Haiti. (click for more info...)



Posted 1/19/10 at 11:57 AM | Ann Dunagan

Friday, January 22, 2010 - Can Your Family FAST & PRAY for HAITI?

JOIN the World Day of Fasting & Prayer for Haiti - Friday, January 22, 2010

The horrific news from Haiti has filled your living room. As a family, what can you do to help? How can you share this situation with your children? How can you give in a way that will genuinely help and make a difference? You know you could pray . . . but do you realize that your PRAYER is not a little thing!

PRAYER IS NEEDED. It's something that your family can do. It's something BIG.

I want to invite your family to participate in a WORLD DAY of FASTING & PRAYER for HAITI.


Posted 1/11/10 at 1:34 PM | Ann Dunagan

Aiming Our Teen Arrows

The Bible says, "Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one's youth" (Psalm 127:4 - NKJV). Our teens are like arrows, soon to be released from our family quiver; and God wants each son and daughter to hit the target of HIS WILL for their lives.

Picture this scene at an archery tournament:

With an inward determination, the archer reaches across his shoulder and selects a favorite arrow. He checks the alignment then places it in his bow. His eye is focused on the target's center as he gently pulls back, feeling the string tighten and the tension increase . . .


Posted 1/8/10 at 6:30 PM | Ann Dunagan

Enjoying Missions . . . in JANUARY

International Holiday Ideas

Throughout the year, acknowledging international holidays and using these days as focus-points for prayer, can give our families an insight into our world’s need for Jesus. These vibrant festivities are filled with colorful expression, yet often these traditions are rooted in false religion and fear.

Teaching Opportunity:


As your family looks at current traditions around the world each month, you can utilize these specific days to target different people groups for prayer and to increase your family’s mission-minded vision.


Posted 1/7/10 at 2:16 PM | Ann Dunagan

Talk with your Teen about 2010

As we train our teenagers, we need to aim them toward the bulls-eye of God's destiny. Instead of focusing on the "NO" side of our own legalism (emphasizing endless rules and regulations) it's much more fulfilling to challenge our youth to live on the "YES" side of God's life and love (emphasizing His eternal plans and purposes).

A great time to talk with your teen about their life-purpose is at the beginning of each year. To help you in this process, I have created a FREE 15-page Guide for Self-Evaluation and Prayer for 2010 - specifically designed for YOUTH, with thought-provoking questions. FULL POST

Posted 12/31/09 at 4:27 PM | Ann Dunagan

Plan a MISSION-MINDED 2010: FREE New Year's Evaluation and Prayer Guide

Have you considered setting aside a few days in early January to seek the Lord's will for this NEW YEAR? Do you desire for your family and personal life to become more effective for God's Kingdom, and for ETERNITY?

FREE!!! 15-page Evaluation and Prayer Guide for 2010, with 3 min. video


Posted 12/21/09 at 11:06 AM | Ann Dunagan


Christmas is not just about HOME, or PRESENTS; it's about living in the PRESENCE of the Lord, and sharing His PRESENCE with others.


Posted 12/11/09 at 1:47 PM | Ann Dunagan

A Mission-Minded Christmas

It was Christmas, and the Liberian Christians had been asked this year instead of receiving gifts, to help carry the Gospel to others . . .

This Christmas, let's do something different. Let's "get" what Christmas is really all about . . . and then "give it" all to God. God gave His Only Son for us; this Christmas, let's make Him LORD over every area: over where we live, where we go, how we spend "our" money and "our" time, and over our children's lives. Let's GIVE Him . . . ALL!

"All to Jesus, I surrender, All to Him I freely give . . ."


Posted 11/25/09 at 3:12 PM | Ann Dunagan

Give Ye, Them to Eat: Thanksgiving, Missions, & "Saints"

A Mission-Minded Thanksgiving: Featuring two Christian heroes from the same family - Nate Saint and Rachel Saint

- Imagine sitting down for a scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner with all of your relatives. Everyone is eager to eat; but as you survey grandma's extra-long dining room table, complete with all the extension-pieces brought in from the back of the entry closet, you can't help but notice the lop-sided food layout. All of the delicious-smelling dishes are on the opposite end of the table.


Posted 7/28/09 at 12:07 PM | Ann Dunagan

Raising up Missionaries

"We didn’t make a plan to raise up missionaries; we made a plan to raise up children who joyfully love and serve our Lord. Whether He calls them to the military, to missions, to teaching, to the pastorate . . . it doesn’t matter. ALL we have wanted for our children (career wise) is for them to love and serve the Lord..."
- Laurel Diacogiannis


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