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SEEK GOD for a Mission-Minded 2011!!!

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This year, don't just make New Year's resolutions that you're likely to forget by February; instead, earnestly pray and seek God for His specific plans and purposes for your LIFE.

I invite you to SEEK GOD for a more effective and focused 2011, and welcome you to utilize a FREE 15-page New Year's Guide for you and for your family, for reflection, projection, and prayer.

Do you want to set aside time to seek God's will for 2011? Do you want your life and your family to become more effective for God's Kingdom . . . and for ETERNITY?

Get focused on God's eternal mission and His long-term vision (including His Great Commandment to LOVE GOD and to LOVE OTHERS and His Great Commission to Share GOD'S LOVE with the lost). And no matter what "job" your family is focused on for a living, together, may you all be an active part of expanding God's Kingdom, both in your own sphere of influence, and across the world.

SEEK GOD for a Mission-Minded New Year!!!

Introducing a FREE New Year's Prayer Guide for 2011:

Watch this 2.5 minute video for a quick explanation of this evaluation and prayer guide.
My heart is to help you to plan a more effective and MISSION-MINDED New Year:

2011 Mission-Minded Prayer Guide explanation, with Ann Dunagan

To download your FREE 15-page New Year's Prayer Guide -- CLICK here!!!

(Note: PRINT 1 copy of the entire document, pgs. 1-15, and 3 EXTRA COPIES of pgs. 10-11. Also, here's my favorite 1-year Bible Reading Plan from; and if you're a MOM, please add this "Super-Mom vs. Abiding Mom" chart from abidingmom(dot)blogspot(dot)com. As Christian families, our focus should not be trying to impress others, but living to please GOD!!!

Please feel free to share this with your friends, church, and family, and help me to post this online, on facebook, twitter, and your blogs. And let me know what you think. I'd appreciate your feedback and comments!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Click here for more details about Ann's book, The Mission-Minded Family - Releasing Your Family to God's Destiny, including a link for a FREE Sample (and information about how you can get a copy)!!!

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