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It is National Small Business Week – My Journey!

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I want to thank all of the small businesses out there who are willing to take risks, work hard, make sacrifices, and do what so many other people are not willing to do.

I have been self-employed most of my life. When I did work for someone else I worked in small business in management positions.

I started working when I was 11 years old delivering PennySavers (weekly Newspaper) in NY. When I was 12 I added a Daily News route (daily, morning delivery) and then a Daily News (daily, afternoon delivery) route a few months later.

By the time I was 14 I was working as a dishwasher in a restaurant and when I was 15 I started FT work doing HVAC work having already dropped out of school.

When I was 18 I helped start an indoor amusement park and was the senior facility manager. At this point I went and got my G.E.D.

When I was 22 I started a cleaning and window cleaning business while I was going to college for my Associates Degree.

After college I ran several nonprofit agencies and the Program Director and then the Executive Director before starting my own Consulting Company in February of 2000 when I was 29 years old. This business now has several staff members and has served clients all over the United States and in about 20 foreign countries. I have a 2nd business investing in real estate as a partnership with my brother. I am responsible for raising my paycheck as well as those of my staff. I am responsible for my own retirement, my own health benefits, and any other benefits.

To start my business I had to continue to work FT jobs while building my business. I invested a small fortune and at some points took on huge debts and even a 2nd mortgage on my home. During one very lean year I had to cut staff and worked about 80-90 hours a week for a year straight!

Along the way I got an Associate’s Degree, a Bachelors Degree, a Master’s Degree, and a Doctoral Degree.

Some people say I have just been lucky. Others wonder if I deserve all my success and think I should be taxed more to distribute my earnings to others who have not made the sacrifices and put in the efforts I have outlined above.

In the end... it has been worth it. I am far from rich but I earn enough to take care of my wife and 5 (soon 6) children. Yes, I could make more if I drove into DC but I like the freedom and flexibility of being self-employed.

Thank you to all the other small businesses out there willing to take risks, work hard, make sacrifices, and do what so many others are not willing to do. May God bless you and may God bless your business with success and prosperity.

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