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Marriage as Simple as ABC

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It may be hard to believe that a man who is ready for marriage is unable to conclude everything in 12 months. It is true but with God’s help I believe it is possible. A man, who is ready and with good intentions to marry should submit it to God for approval, the rest is as simple as ABC.

Ruth made Boaz’s acquaintance during a harvest season and by the end of the season they were already married. Eliezer found Rebecca within a day as God ordered his steps and by the evening of the next day, he brought her home to Isaac as wife… “And Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah's tent, and took Rebecca, and she became his wife; and he loved her…” (Gen 24:67)

I am aware of the need for courtship, premarital counseling and the demands of three weddings; native law and custom, statutory and church wedding. I am also aware of different requirements of different churches as it regards marriage but I believe we can comply with these demands and requirements and still get married in twelve months period if we are ready.

If a man is ready, the major challenge is “how to know and get who to marry”. We will be about 70% done with our marriage dream when we find who to marry. God is the only one that can guarantee a good wife or husband and the successful marriage life that will follow. Self-help may expose us to more challenges after the wedding since God was not allowed to do the major work; who to marry? Even some men of God in our day and in biblical times through self-help got married to women who messed up their ministry.

We will adopt a 4 quarters (12 months) approach in this discuss and 8 months will be dedicated to the major concern of all who are ready for marriage; the first quarter is dedicated to practically exploring how to know and get who to marry. I will talk about how to see the picture of who to marry before you actually find him or her. It will be necessary to know the level of intimacy needed before we can propose.

We will need to spend the second quarter discovering the things we must do in order to confirm God’s choice of marriage partner for us. The need for courtship and its duration, church acceptance and parental consents, friends and family supports to the success of the intended union is also dealt with in this quarter.

In the final third quarter, I will let you into the secret of premarital counseling. It must be preferred over marital counseling. While it is a preventive measure to attend premarital counseling, it is for “damage control” that people attend marital counseling. Counseling is for the final confirmation of your partner before the marriage. “A broken relationship” they say “is better than a broken marriage” because God hates divorce.

I will also in this final quarter show you how to surmount the problems of traditional marriage list including how to effectively negotiate and expunge every offensive and may be some expensive items on the list. You will learn to “cut your coat according to your cloth” during the marriage ceremonies and receptions. At the end, I believe you will not be anxious for anything; 9 months after your wedding, your first child will come according to your heart desire.

So let me ask: Are you stuck at the 70% hurdle of how to know and get who to marry? Are you finding it difficult to picture who your life partner should be? Do you have a partner but unable to propose? Have you proposed but facing obstacles with parental consent? Are you in courtship but unable to confirm if your partner is God’s choice? Is your courtship so long you are no longer sure of a wedding? Have you given up on the possibility of ever getting married?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then then this e-discuss is for you! Please join me on the journey of 12 months to get married.

May your heart sing for relief as you open up to the prospects of your imminent marriage.

Anthony Amalokwu
Lagos, Nigeria.

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