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Regaining your Motivation After Losing It

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Have you lost your motivation? Over time, everyone starts to feel a little worn and tired. Losing your motivation can leave you feeling as if you simply can’t complete anything or achieve anything. You just don’t have any drive or energy to do something. Fortunately, there are some ways you can recharge and get your motivation back. Here are 12 power tactics for getting your motivation back.

1. Surround Yourself with Positive People

By always working with those who bring out the best in you, you’ll feel motivated and want to move forward. These people push each other forward by discussing their goals and what they want to accomplish. They have a positive attitude and believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. If you surround yourself with people who are always complaining and making excuses, you’ll start to think and act that way, too. You want to avoid this since it will only cause you to become even less motivated than you might already be.

2. Let Go of Things You Don’t Need

Spring cleaning may help you get your home in shape, but it doesn’t do anything for old goals, ideas, or even relationships that you’ve outgrown or changed direction on. Take time to regularly look at your goals and determine if they’re still reachable, accurate, and relevant. If they’re not, change them. The same goes for relationships. Those that cause more stress and harm than good probably need to go.

3. Quality over Quantity

Living until you hit triple digits may seem like one way to succeed in life, but you might get there only to realize that you’ve wasted your time. Aim to live a life full of quality moments rather than always trying to have more of everything. Make your life worth living.

4. Remember the Journey

It’s important to set goals and work towards them, but remember that a good portion of life is the journey rather than the destination. Make sure you’re not just aiming to achieve your goals but also actually enjoying the journey there. Otherwise, you may achieve your goal only to find that it feels a little empty.

5. You are Your Biggest Obstacle

The biggest roadblock in your way to achieving your goals isn’t a competitor or anything like that. It’s you. When you decide that you can’t accomplish something or that you shouldn’t keep trying, you’re the one who is giving up and failing. The world is very rarely against you. Most of the time, no matter what it feels like, the world really doesn’t care. There’s not a horde of people trying to stop you—that horde is made up of people just like you trying to get ahead. The only person making excuses or refusing to keep moving forward is you.

6. Don’t Worry So Much

Are you going to spend all of your time worrying, or are you going to be a warrior and fight for what you want? That doesn’t mean you can’t worry and still keep moving forward, but if you become so focused on worrying and stressing over things, you’ll lose your way. You’ll start spending all of your time worrying and less of your time fighting for your goals.

7. You Know Challenges Await

It might sound odd, but some people work to get a high-intensity job, sign up to run a marathon, or volunteer for any number of difficult things and then complain that they didn’t realize it would be challenging! It’s important to realize that there’s challenge everywhere, and you’re going to have to do some hard work to keep moving forward. If you know challenges are coming, you can motivate yourself to get out there and defeat them.

8. Your Actions Can Conquer Your Fears

Remember that you’re not immune to fear. You’ll face situations that scare you. That’s okay, because you can face that fear, act on what you’ve learned, and conquer it. There are a number of ways you can learn how to face down and defeat your fears. You can listen to inspirational speakers to learn ways to keep motivated when facing scary situations. You can read motivational books, too. Whatever you do, learn how to take action in the face of fear. Otherwise, you risk allowing fear to drain you of your motivation.

9. Don’t Regret Things

Another thing that can sap your motivation is regret. Remember that you made every decision you made with all of the information you had at the time. You did what you could, and even though it might have not turned out great, you didn’t know that’s what would happen. You did the best you could, so learn from it and move on. Don’t focus on regret.

10. Nothing Lasts Forever

Even though it might seem like it, every horrible situation will pass eventually. Remember that tomorrow is a brand new day, and you never know what it will bring. Just because something feels incredibly stressful and horrible right now doesn’t mean it will be like that forever. Things change.

11. Find or Make a Way Forward

Have you hit a roadblock that seems immovable? It might be, but that doesn’t mean your way forward is forever blocked. Look for another way. Approach the problem from another angle. Still don’t see a way through? Invent one!

12. Get Back Up

Been knocked back down? You can either lie there or get back up and try again. Your mistakes may seem like a hard punch to the chest, but they’re really learning opportunities. Examine what went wrong and take what lessons you can with it, then get back out there armed with new information and ideas! Get back up again and again!

Feeling recharged yet? Keep all of these things in mind and the next time you’re not feeling very motivated, go down the list again. You’ll be surprised how often one or two of these points make you realize that things aren’t really as bad as they seem.

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