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Positivity Inspires

Positivity Inspires has a passion for inspiring and encouraging fellow Christians to grow in all areas of their lives and complete the perfect work the Lord has assigned them.

Posted 1/26/15 at 7:45 PM | Positivity Inspires


God has given you a great vision. He has spoken to you, and He has made it clear of what He has called you to do. As instructed by the Lord, you have begun to take the initial steps towards your goal. You are excited and encouraged. Your heart is full of faith, and you are anticipating great things. Then, you experience a major let-down. What do you do? Do you give up, or do you bounce back and keep going?

Accept the following: When you are called to do a mighty work, the journey will not be easy. You will experience many disappointments, along with various forms of adversity. You may even begin to question what God has spoken to you as it relates to what He has appointed you to do. You may think that perhaps you misunderstood God’s words to you. For a moment, you may even think that God has reneged on His promise. Let us be honest. These thoughts momentarily enter the minds of many individuals, including some of the most spiritually mature Christians. However, we know that God does not lie. He keeps His promises. He simply asks that we fulfill our duties.

Do not allow a disappointment (or several disappointments) to cause you to develop and maintain a defeated mindset. We may become discouraged at times. We may even become frustrated at times. However, we must be resilient. Resilience is defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary as “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change”. In other words, resilience is the ability to bounce back after experiencing some form of difficulty, and it is an important quality to possess. That same motivation and determination you had when you started your journey should be the same motivation and determination you have after you hit a “bump” in the road. Satan is constantly looking for ways to discourage us. He wants us to doubt God, which is why faith is also important. If you are one who greatly struggles with bouncing back from life’s disappointments, then I encourage you to pray about it. Ask the Lord to help you with this, and He will! FULL POST

Posted 1/23/15 at 10:44 PM | Positivity Inspires

It Had to Happen

It had to happen. Jesus knew Judas would betray Him. However, the betrayal was one event that led to the arrest, trial, crucifixion, and RESURRECTION of our Lord and Savior, and the world was granted an amazing opportunity - eternal life.

Too often we complain about the evil others have done to us, and we fail to focus on the bigger picture. We must understand that some things must occur in order for a particular blessing to spring forth.

Consider Joseph. Joseph had to be thrown into the pit. His own flesh and blood betrayed him because his brothers were consumed by envy and hate. Yet, they did not know that tossing him into the pit and then selling him into slavery was only positioning him for something greater.

Begin viewing the evil things that people do to you as stepping stones to something better. God is priming and preparing you so you may elevate to a higher altitude. With every attack, say “thank you”. With each act of betrayal, say “thank you”. Don’t become bitter. Don’t seek revenge. Don’t take the situation into your own hands. Sit back and trust that what others intended to work against you, Christ can make it work for you. FULL POST

Posted 1/23/15 at 10:40 PM | Positivity Inspires

Unanswered Prayer?

Don't be so swift to give up just because it has not happened yet. You may have prayed, and prayed, and prayed, and prayed, and prayed, and prayed, and several days, months, or even years may have passed, yet, you still are waiting. Well, let's take a look at this.

1. At times we pray for things, and they just are not in God’s will. This is one reason I emphasize how important it is for us to seek God and ask Him to reveal what He desires for us.

2. At other times, we pray for things, yet we fail to do our part. Perhaps there is something the Lord is waiting on YOU to do. (Obedience to God’s instructions is very important.)

3. HOWEVER, quite often, we pray for something, and we want it “right now”. Yet, it just IS NOT TIME, and because it has not occurred when we thought it should, we may become frustrated, give up, and conclude that it will never happen.

For five years, I prayed a very specific prayer, but in this particular instance, the Lord had to prepare me because I was not mature enough to handle it at that time. Some things had to run their course. There were certain people I had to meet along the way, and there were several lessons I had to learn. I personally had to go through a lot before I attained it, but it DID happen. Your situation may call for some growth. On the other hand, you may have already reached that level of maturity, but there are some things that must play out before it happens for you – remember, God’s timing. Although we serve a God who can make anything happen immediately, the Lord may assign a later date for it to occur. He knows the reason, and you must trust His wisdom. FULL POST

Posted 1/23/15 at 6:32 PM | Positivity Inspires

Christianity Does Not Mean Complacency

Becoming a Christian and joining the family of believers is just the beginning of an amazing and exciting journey. It does not mean the journey will be easy. It does not mean everyone will love and accept you. It does not mean all of your problems will disappear, and it definitely does not mean you have everything all figured out. However, you are privileged to establish and continuously develop a relationship with SOMEONE powerful, all-powerful, Jesus Christ. You are able to connect with Him as He leads and guides you through life. You are able to represent the Lord, as He uses you (yes, YOU) to draw souls to Him. You have the opportunity to become better.

Being a Christian involves spiritual growth. You should not be at the exact same level as you were many years ago. Some changes should have occurred. As we constantly seek God, He shows us what areas we need to improve in, and He desires and expects us to humbly yield ourselves to Him so He can make the necessary “updates” and “upgrades”. Perhaps you had a major issue with anger. Think of how you handled certain situations years prior. Now, compare your reactions then to your reactions now when you are faced with similar circumstances. Are you still consistently mishandling those situations? Have you improved? Have you progressed, or have you regressed? Are you at least trying to do better? Are you doing what you need to do to overcome those feelings (e.g., praying, talking to trustworthy, Spirit-led church leaders, using other resources as God directs you, etc.)? Have you made any efforts, OR have you developed a “this is just the way I am so deal with it” attitude? FULL POST