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Christianity Does Not Mean Complacency

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Becoming a Christian and joining the family of believers is just the beginning of an amazing and exciting journey. It does not mean the journey will be easy. It does not mean everyone will love and accept you. It does not mean all of your problems will disappear, and it definitely does not mean you have everything all figured out. However, you are privileged to establish and continuously develop a relationship with SOMEONE powerful, all-powerful, Jesus Christ. You are able to connect with Him as He leads and guides you through life. You are able to represent the Lord, as He uses you (yes, YOU) to draw souls to Him. You have the opportunity to become better.

Being a Christian involves spiritual growth. You should not be at the exact same level as you were many years ago. Some changes should have occurred. As we constantly seek God, He shows us what areas we need to improve in, and He desires and expects us to humbly yield ourselves to Him so He can make the necessary “updates” and “upgrades”. Perhaps you had a major issue with anger. Think of how you handled certain situations years prior. Now, compare your reactions then to your reactions now when you are faced with similar circumstances. Are you still consistently mishandling those situations? Have you improved? Have you progressed, or have you regressed? Are you at least trying to do better? Are you doing what you need to do to overcome those feelings (e.g., praying, talking to trustworthy, Spirit-led church leaders, using other resources as God directs you, etc.)? Have you made any efforts, OR have you developed a “this is just the way I am so deal with it” attitude?

Say you do not have issues with anger management but struggle with envy and covetousness (strong desire for the possessions that belongs to another). How do you feel when your sister or brother has bought a new home, a new car, met and married his/her God-appointed spouse, been offered a new job opportunity, or experienced a growth spurt in his/her ministry? Do you feel resentment? Do you feel a strong desire to do whatever it is you need to obtain the same thing, coupled with a negative “I can do it too.” attitude? Do you hold on to these ways and disregard the fact that you need work in this area OR do you confess your faults to the Lord and say with sincerity, “Lord, help me. I want to do better. I want to be better. I don’t want these feelings to hinder my walk with You.”?

As people of God, we should avoid complacency. Complacency is defined by Merriam-Webster as follows: “a feeling of being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to try to make them better.” Being a Christian does not mean being complacent. It means being grateful for what God has given you and done for you and desiring to improve IN THE LORD. When we repent and give our lives to Christ, He knows who we are and where we are spiritually, and we are expected to become better, wiser, stronger, and more knowledgeable with His help. We are expected to work, and we are expected to grow. We become vessels for God to clean, to shape, and to improve. Although some things take time, we should be certain we are doing our parts so we do not delay the process. We all are works in progress. We all warrant improvement. We all are fighting battles. Yet, we all should be putting forth the maximum amount of effort to be BETTER than what we were before.

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