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Father's Day Prayer List

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Photo: Flickr/Christine Szeto - Creative Commons

Happy Father's Day to all the dads reading this blog post.

 Prayer List

  1. Thank God for your father and all the other dads.
  2. The Census Bureau reported in 2011 that there are 70 million fathers in America of which 1.7 million are single parents raising children. Psychologist Darryl Pure told ABC News that single fathers struggle financially too. "There's often a fear among single fathers that if the mother steps in, she'll regain custody, so single, custodial fathers don't go after child support as much as single mothers do, and I know a lot of fathers that are really impoverished." Pray for single fathers in poverty.
  3. Pray for dads to be godly role models for their kids.
  4. Pray for people whose dads have died recently and are mourning.
  5. Pray for dads in struggling marriages. The Huffington Post reported that men are more likely to have an affair after Father's Day.
  6. Thank your heavenly Father for the gift of salvation available through Jesus Christ.

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