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1/27/13 at 07:22 PM 2 Comments

Prayer List: 233 People Killed in Brazilian Nightclub Fire

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Photo: Agência Brasil, Creative Commons

233 people were killed in a Brazilian nightclub when a fire broke out and people rushed the exit. Earlier reports incorrectly reported 245 deaths. According to Reuters, a band's performance included a pyrotechnic light show which set the ceiling on fire.

The Los Angeles Times quotes Lieutenant Moisés da Silva Fuchs who said, "There are so many bodies that we couldn't get all the way to the back of the nightclub."

Brazilian Christians are sharing prayers for the families of the victims. On its Facebook page, the Evangelical Assembly of God Church Santa Maria posted the following comment (translated by Google):

Jesus console each family that is suffering this great loss. 245 people lost their lives with things that are not worth it, passing, think what you have done with your life? where you have invested your time? Worth it?

Prayer List:

  1. Pray for physical healing for everyone with injuries.
  2. Pray for the families of victims as they mourn their loss. Pray that they will find peace, hope, grace and love through Jesus during this time.
  3. Pray for anyone with serious depression from this disaster to receive emotional support.
  4. Pray for everyone who's faith is being tested by this disaster. Pray that their faith in Christ will grow.

Other Prayer Requests

According to MidEast Christian News, Egyptian Christians have been threatened to pay tribute to Muslims for protection. This is extortion. Pray for the Christians to be bold in their faith in the face of persecution.

Praying for People on Their Birthdays

  • Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts turned 58 years old today. Pray that God will give him wisdom in deciding court cases.
  • TV commentator Keith Olbermann turned 54 today. Pray that God will give him discernment in reporting the news.
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