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Prayer List: 33 North Koreans to be Executed for Contact With Missionary

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Map: World Factbook

Radio Free Asia, the London Daily Mail and other media outlets are reporting that 33 people have been sentenced to death for alleged contact with South Korean missionary Kim Jung-wook.

South Korea's intelligence agency claim North Koreans kidnapped the missionary while he worked with North Korean refugees on the China border.

In recent years North Koreans have experienced a severe famine and the underground church has grown rapidly.

According to the South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo:

One member of a missionary group said, "There are hundreds of underground churches across North Korea. North Koreans who have lost hope in their future are attracted to religion and superstitious practices" looking for an alternative to the "juche" ideology.

Prayer List

  1. Pray for North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-Un to have a change of heart and rescind the order to execute the alleged contacts of missionary Kim Jung-wook.
  2. If these 33 people are executed, pray for the families and friends that will grieve their deaths.
  3. Pray for the Holy Spirit to comfort and encourage Christians in North Korea to boldly follow Christ.
  4. Pray for the mission work of Kim Jung-wook to continue.
  5. Pray for North Korea to release missionary Kenneth Bae from prison.
  6. Pray for North Koreans that lack adequate food.
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