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Prayer List: Active Military Personnel and Veterans

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This has to be one of the most tragic statistics of 2012: More American Arrmy troops and reservists have committed suicide this year than have been killed in battle in Afghanistan. On October 23rd CNS News reported "247 suspected suicides." The Brookings Institute reported 222 combat related deaths at that time.

Join in me in praying for our American troops to return safely and for troops suffering from depression to get the support they need. Also pray for the families of deceased soldiers and ask God to bring peace to the hearts of people in emotional suffering.

Photo: U.S. Army/D. Myles Cullen
An Army chaplain teaches suicide prevention skills at Fort Hood.

 Pray for the Afghanistan and Iraqi governments to provide effective governance and for the hearts of terrorists to be changed by the Gospel. Pray for the victims of faulty drone attacks to be able to forgive and for their bodies to heal. Ask God to bring peace to the people in the Middle East and for opportunities for the Gospel to penetrate this culture.

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