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1/30/13 at 01:03 PM 1 Comments

Prayer List: Egyptian Government Could Collapse

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The news coming out of Egypt is scary.

Photo: Flickr/Gigi Ibrahim
Protest of President Morsi in Cairo.

According to the Associated Press, the inhabitants of Port Said, Egypt, are "burying their dead from Egypt’s wave of political violence" and they "vented their fury at Egypt’s Islamist president and the Muslim Brotherhood on Tuesday, demanding his ouster and virtually declaring a revolt against his rule, as the head of the military warned Egypt may collapse under the weight of its turmoil."

Last year Mohamed Morsi represented the Freedom and Justice Party and was elected President of Egypt. Morsi's consolidation of power after the elections has divided the country.

Prayer List

  1. Pray for healing for the people injured in recent attacks.
  2. Pray for families and friends of people killed in recent attacks.
  3. Pray for the safety of the Coptic Christians as they are a minority in a Muslim nation.
  4. Pray for a peaceful resolution to the recent problems in Egypt.
  5. Pray that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will transform countless lives in Egypt and throughout the Middle East.

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