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Prayer List: Egyptian President Morsi Removed From Power

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Photo: Flickr/Ian Murphy - Creative Commons
The call for Egyptian freedom continues. This photo was taken during the Arab Spring protests.

Egypt's military has taken over the Egyptian government and instituted martial law until new elections are held and Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi has been removed from power.

Protestors of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood government were motivated by a weak economy that wasn't improving and opposition to Morsi's support for sharia law.

Last year when Egypt's new constitution was drafted, NPR reported that Sheik Yasser Borhami said, "This constitution has more complete restraints on rights than ever existed before in any Egyptian constitution. This will not be a democracy that can allow what God forbids or forbid what God allows."

Poverty has increased dramatically in Egypt according to USA Today which reports, "The ranks of Egypt's poorest, those who live on less than $2 a day, have grown from 40% before the revolution to 50% now."

While The Washington Post describes this event as a "relatively bloodless coup" there have been some violent protests. The Christian Post has reported, "Sixteen people had lost their lives over the weekend when protesters, angry at the dire economic situation Egypt has found itself in, stormed the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters in Cairo, and clashed with Morsi supporters throughout the city."

Prayer List

  1. Pray for no violence to take place as Egypt goes through this interim period of martial law.
  2. Pray for military leaders to show restraint and to allow liberty to flourish.
  3. Pray for the Egyptian voters to have wisdom in how to vote in the next election.
  4. Pray for the safety of Coptic Christians who are being persecuted in this nation.
  5. Pray for Egypt's economy to improve and for the unemployed to obtain jobs.
  6. Pray for the Gospel to transform the nation.

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