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Prayer List: Food Shortages in Nigeria

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According to the Associated Press, Islamic terrorists in Nigeria have caused 19,000 farmers to flee their land and this could cause severe food shortages. Agriculture minister Usman Zannah told AP, "We anticipate general hunger this year because all roads linking the cities to the farming hinterlands have been closed down."

Prayer List

  1. Pray for emotional healing for the families and friends of people killed by terrorists.
  2. Pray for physical healing for the Nigerians injured by the terrorists.
  3. Pray for the Nigerian Christians to love their enemies and to have opportunities to share the gospel with them.
  4. Pray for refugees to find housing and for their needs to be met.
  5. Pray for the terrorists be defeated or to retreat so that farmers can return to their farms and finish bringing in the harvest.
  6. Pray for wisdom for Nigeria's government.
  7. Pray for the terrorist group Boko Haram to put down their weapons and make peace with their opponents.

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