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10/29/12 at 11:22 PM 6 Comments

Prayer List for Hurricane Sandy Victims

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Photo: Flickr/NASA Earth Observatory

Over the coming days there will be numerous news stories about the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Bodies will be recovered, some families will search for new housing and disaster relief teams will remove trees that were knocked down by the wind.

So please join us in praying for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Here is a list of specific groups to pray for.

  1. Families, friends and co-workers of people killed by the hurricane. Ask God to help them in their time of grief and mourning. CNN has reported that 11 people were killed by the storm in Cuba.
  2. Homeless and displaced people. Pray for the people that must find a new place to live and remember the people whose homes were flooded. Carpets must be removed and homes must be disinfected. Pray that exposure to germs will be minimal and people that are ill from contaminated water will heal quickly.
  3. Disaster relief teams. Besides removing tree limbs and searching for survivors, the disaster relief teams will provide hot meals to people that lack electricity. Power company personnel will be working to restore electricity in areas that have downed power lines. Pray for the safety of these teams as they work in dangerous conditions.
  4. Criminals. When cities are struck with these disasters some people loot closed stores and rob empty homes.
  5. Churches. Pray that congregations will work together and grow closer as families and communities rebuild. Some people that do not know Jesus as Savior may have the opportunity to hear the gospel during this time. Ask God to send the Holy Spirit to prepare people's heart to be receptive to the Gospel.
  6. Businesses that were struggling financially before the hurricane. Some people may lose their jobs because of the damage from Hurricane Sandy. Ask God to look after people that will become unemployed as result of this storm.
  7. The suicidal. Some people will feel trapped by their circumstances. Pray for Christians to show them the love of Christ and for the Holy Spirit to be a safety net for these victims.

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