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Prayer List: From Fashion Models to Role Models

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Today I noticed that model Tyra Banks turned 39 years old. I have not spent much time praying for models and people working in the world of fashion.

There are many temptations in the modeling world such as beauty pageants in which contestants focus more on looks than character and swimsuit models selling sexual imagery.

The following words from a Leslie Phillips song also remind me of the dangers of comparing appearance with others.

Well, I walk inside just to fix my hair
And the girls at the mirror all start to stare
Then they look back at their reflection
And we all compare
And it's powder room politics

Please join me in praying for the following:

  1. Pray that models will focus more on inner beauty.
  2. Pray that people suffering from bad self image and anorexia to have transformed minds.
  3. Pray that porn models will realize how destructive pornography is and leave this unhealthy work.
  4. Pray for models and photographers to become Christians and live faithfully for Jesus Christ.
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