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Prayer List: Giant Typhoon to Strike Philippines

Thu, Nov. 07, 2013 Posted: 03:59 PM

Last month an earthquake struck the Philippines leaving thousands homeless. Now the massive Typhoon Haiyan is heading toward the Philippines and is being compared to Hurricane Katrina.

According to CNN, the typhoon has sustained winds at 195 mph and is expected to reach the Philippines on Friday.

World Venture missionaries Dave and Martha Macomber have requested prayer for the Philippines.

Millions of Filipinos will be in critical danger because the government cannot evacuate or protect the most vulnerable.

I’m appealing for your prayers, that our merciful Creator would abate the intensity of the storm for the sake of those who cannot save themselves. The Philippines is a low lying country, many live close to the sea, and hillsides are very susceptible to landslides which have been known to bury whole villages.

Prayer List

  1. Pray for Typhoon Haiyan to weaken.
  2. Pray for people living in low lying areas to find adequate shelter.
  3. Pray for the safety of disaster relief teams that will operate after the storm leaves. Besides removing tree and searching for survivors, the disaster relief teams will provide meals to people lacking shelter. Power company personnel will be working to restore electricity in areas that have downed power lines. Pray for the safety of these teams as they work in dangerous conditions.
  4. When cities are struck with these disasters some people loot closed stores and rob empty homes. Pray for criminals to be convicted by the Holy Spirit and not rob the storm victims.
  5. Pray for congregations to work together and grow closer as families and communities rebuild. Some people that do not know Jesus as Savior may have the opportunity to hear the gospel during this time. Ask God to send the Holy Spirit to prepare people's heart to be receptive to the Gospel.
  6. Pray for businesses struggling financially before the typhoon. Some people may lose their jobs because of the damage. Ask God to take care of people that will become unemployed as result of this storm.
  7. Pray for the suicidal. Some people will feel trapped by their circumstances. Pray for Christians to show them the love of Christ and for the Holy Spirit to be a safety net for these victims.

Prayer Concerns