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Prayer List: Lou Dobbs - Celebrity Birthdays for September 24

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The following celebrities have birthdays today. Please pray for them to be guided by the Holy Spirit and to serve God with a pure heart. Pray that their actions will glorify God and that Christ's love will flow from their lives into their families, friends, neighbors and coworkers lives.

  • Lou Dobbs - Fox Business Network host - 68
  • Pedro Almodóvar - Spanish movie director - 63
  • Brad Bird - director of the movie The Incredibles - 56
  • Kevin Sorbo - actor in the movie What If - 55
  • Nia Vardalos - actress in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding - 51
  • Robert Irvine - host of the TV series Restaurant: Impossible - 49
  • Goya Toledo - Spanish actress in the movie Killing Words - 44
  • Igor Graziano Cavalera - former drummer in the band Sepultura - 43
  • Jackie Sandler - actress in the movie That's My Boy - 39
  • Stephanie McMahon - World Wrestling Entertainment executive - 37
  • Jessica Lucas - actress in the TV series Edgemont - 28
  • Kimberley Nixon - actress in the movie Cherrybomb - 28

Postscript: If you have any friends on Facebook with birthdays today, consider praying for them on their birthday.


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