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Prayer List: Monica Bellucci - Celebrity Birthdays for September 30

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Photo: Flickr/Alexis - Creative Commons
Actress Monica Bellucci

The following celebrities have birthdays today. Please pray for them to be guided by the Holy Spirit and to serve God with a pure heart. Pray that their actions will glorify God and that Christ's love will flow from their lives into their families, friends, neighbors and coworkers lives.

  • Johnny Mathis - singer - 78
  • Ehud Olmert - Israel's former prime minister - 68
  • Fran Drescher - actress in the TV series The Nanny - 56
  • Eric Stoltz - actor in the movie Some Kind of Wonderful - 52
  • Sally Yeh - singer - 52
  • Monica Bellucci - actress in the movie The Passion of the Christ - 49
  • Jenna Elfman - actress in the TV series Dharma & Greg - 42
  • Marion Cotillard - French actress in the movie Love Me If You Dare - 38
  • Lacey Chabert - actress in the TV series Party of Five - 31
  • Ola Jordan - dancer in the TV series Strickly Come Dancing - 31
  • T-Pain - rapper - 28

Postscript: If you have any friends on Facebook with birthdays today, consider praying for them on their birthday.


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