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12/3/12 at 05:15 PM 6 Comments

Prayer List: Praying for Televangelists

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Photo: Benny Hinn

This morning in reviewing celebrity birthdays I noticed that televangelist Benny Hinn turned 60 today.

Religious television is very disturbing for me to watch. The greed promoted via the prosperity gospel and deceptive teachings of word-faith theology have done much harm to Christianity. So even though I've been a critic of Benny Hinn, I do pray for him.

Earlier this year Benny Hinn announced that he would be re-marrying his ex-wife Suzanne but the October marriage was put on hold.

Much of the religious viewing public are not aware that numerous televangelists' families have split apart. Besides divorce there are children of televangelists that refuse to speak to their parents.

Jan and Matt Crouch from Trinity Broadcasting Network are currently fighting a big, expensive legal battle with Jan's granddaughter Brittany Koper.

Please join me in praying for the televangelists.

  1. Pray for the televangelists that are living ungodly lives and preaching dangerous doctrines to repent, to live holy lives, to lay down any idols in their lives, and to preach accurate theology.
  2. Pray for televangelists that have taken advantage of donors to be convicted from scripture and to make restitution to their victims.
  3. Pray for the donors to practice discernment in their financial giving.
  4. Pray for the televangelists and their families to reconcile and to put Jesus Christ first in their lives.
  5. Pray that any televangelists unwilling to repent would be removed from broadcast television so that they stop misleading a large audience.

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