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Prayer List: See You at the Pole

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Today is See You at the Pole. For 23 years students have gathered at flagpoles to pray for classmates. If you are not a student, you can still participate by praying for students today. Here is a prayer list for anyone concerned with the spiritual well being of students worldwide.

Prayer List

  1. Pray for Christian students to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and to share their faith with classmates and friends.
  2. Pray for Christian students to be godly role models for their classmates and friends.
  3. Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict nonchristian students of their need for a savior.
  4. Pray for students struggling with drug and alcohol addictions to overcome their dangerous habits.
  5. Pray for students engaging in sexual behaviors to embrace abstinence.
  6. Pray for students struggling with depression to find hope.
  7. Pray for students that are cutters so that they will stop harming themselves.
  8. Pray for students being recruited into terrorism to reject hate and to love the people they consider their enemies.
  9. Pray for students to develop a biblical worldview.
  10. Pray for stability for students that are in unstable families due to parents seeking a divorce.
  11. Pray for students doubting the Bible and Christianity so that their faith will grow.
  12. Pray for Christian students persecuted for their faith so that they will endure the trials they face.

Rest of the Week

The organizers of See You at the Pole are also hosting Global Week of Student Prayer this week. Each day the Prayer Concerns blog will post a new prayer list focusing on the following topics:

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