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Prayer List: Sex Trafficking

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According to Forbes Magazine, "sex-trafficking of U.S. children is America’s dirty, little secret" and the FBI estimates "about 100,000 children are sold for sex in our nation."

The magazine also reveals that less than 100 shelter beds exist for these trafficking victims.

In the 1780s William Wilberforce got involved in the movement to abolish slavery. We should follow his example and work to end child trafficking.

Perhaps there is a need for shelter beds in your community. You could contact your local child welfare agency and local law enforcement to find out what assistance is needed for the victims.

Prayer List for Sex Trafficking Victims:

  1. Pray for children and adults to be rescued from this harmful environment.
  2. Pray for physical, spiritual and emotional healing for the victims.
  3. Pray for the victimizers to be brought to justice and to repent of their actions.
  4. Pray for the victims to find honest employment. Women arrested for prostitution often struggle to find good jobs.
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