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Prayer List: Sex Trafficking

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Last week anti-slavery activists participated in Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Even though the media coverage is fading we can still act on this issue.

Perhaps you can send a donation to an organization that offers shelter to the victims or contact your local law enforcement and see if there is any way that you can help in your community. A serious need is transitional housing for the victims.

Here is a short prayer list for the victims and the perpetrators.

  1. Pray for the children and adults that are trafficked to be rescued or set free.
  2. Pray for emotional and physical healing for the victims.
  3. Pray that the victims with sexually transmitted diseases will get adequate health care.
  4. Pray that adult victims will be able to find good jobs.
  5. Pray for the perpetrators to be convicted by the Holy Spirit regarding the harm and human suffering they are causing and to be brought to justice for their crimes.
  6. Pray for the victims and perpetrators to hear the Gospel, become born again, and be discipled by Christians.
  7. Pray for the runaways to be able to return home and for these families to reconcile.

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