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Prayer List: The Culture of Death and Prolife Response

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This week prolife Americans protested the 40th anniversary of the Roe V. Wade court decision which overturned all state abortion laws. Since that tragic day, 55 million babies have been aborted.

Besides abortion, numerous people are killed around the world by wars, euthanasia, drug violence and suicide. Last year more American soldiers died from suicide than combat.

More than 40,000 people have been killed in the Syrian civil war.

Prayer List:

  1. Pray for girls and women that are pregnant and considering an abortion to receive the support needed to give their preborn children the opportunity to live.
  2. Pray for the fathers to take responsibility for fathering the children they helped bring into this world.
  3. Pray for the abortionists and abortion clinic personnel to have a change of heart, to leave the abortion industry and instead use their medical knowledge to support human life.
  4. Pray for the girls and women that have had abortions to experience the forgiveness that Jesus offers.
  5. Pray for doctors and nurses involved in euthanasia to be convicted of taking human life and to instead commit themselves to protecting life.
  6. Pray for people considering in vitro fertilization and other actions that would result in embryos that would be destroyed.
  7. Pray for people to recognize the boundaries that God has made for sexuality and to live according to the standards of God.
  8. Pray for people that are depressed or feel trapped and are considering suicide. Pray that they will receive the support they need and to find hope in Jesus Christ.
  9. Pray for members of drug cartels, gangs and mafia organizations to be convicted of their sin and to leave behind a life of crime.
  10. Pray for the families of murder victims to experience the mercy and grace of God in their lives.
  11. Pray for countries like Syria that are divided by civil war. Pray for the Christians to boldly be peacermakers. Pray for the refugees to find shelter and jobs.
  12. Pray for terrorists to recognize the hate in the hearts as sin and to be set free from sin by Jesus Christ.
  13. Pray for Christians to be ministers of reconciliation.

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