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Prayer List: Tornado Hits Elementary Schools in Moore, Oklahoma

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It's a small world. My parents and sister live in Oklahoma City next to the city of Moore which was struck today by a massive tornado. Just talked to a niece that was crying because one of her friends lived near Briarwood Elementary School which was destroyed by the tornado.

Fox News reported that 15 children not accounted for at Briarwood Elementary School. According to CNN, Moore Medical Center was damaged and the patients had to be evacuated.

Numerous gas fires are burning in the city because of damaged gas lines.

The following churches are assisting as shelters: Journey Church, New Life Bible Church, Oakcrest Church of Christ, and St. Andrew Catholic Church.

 Westboro Baptist Church is exploiting this disaster to spread their hate.

Prayer List

  1. Pray for the families and friends of the decease requesting that God comfort them.
  2. Pray for the missing to be located.
  3. Pray for healing for the injured.
  4. Pray for new housing for the homeless.
  5. Pray for the fires to be put out
  6. Pray for God to use this storm redemptively.
  7. Pray for the churches that will be temporarily housing the tornado victims.
  8. Pray for anyone that will try to exploit this disaster.
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