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Prayer Lists: Christians in Entertainment

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I have started praying for people on their birthdays. Most of my friends share their birthdays on Facebook so I use Facebook as a prayer list. Also, the Orange County Register posts an article each day listing the names of celebrities born on that day and I pray for these celebrities.

According to the OC Register, Christian singer Jaci Velasquez turns 33 today and actress Bailee Madison turns 13.

One of Bailee Madison's best known performances came in the movie Letters to God in which she plays the best friend of a child dying from cancer.

The Internet Movie Database also maintains lists of birthdays that can be used as a prayer list.

Christian Spotlight on Entertainment also maintains a daily prayer list. Today this site recommends that Christians pray for singer Katy Perry as well as Larry Probst (chairman) and John Riccitiello (CEO) of the video gaming company Electronic Arts.

Other Prayer Concerns:

I am Second - Bailee Madison

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