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Praying for Joel Osteen, Penn Jillette, and Peace in the Middle East

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Praying for celebrities on their birthdays is a habit of mine.

Today is televangelist Joel Osteen's 50th birthday. Well known atheist and magician Penn Jillette turned 58 today. These two men are polar opposites. Osteen is pastor of America's largest church and Jillette played the leader of the witches council in the TV series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

Even though Jillette is an outspoken critic of religion, he respects Christians that share their faith.

Other famous celebrities with birthdays today include actress Eva Mendes (38), actor Kevin Connolly (39) and movie producer Scott Mosier (42).

Source: March 5 celebrity birthdays - Orange County Register

Prayer Request

  • Pray for actors, actresses, comedians, musicians, politicians, writers, filmmakers and event televangelists with birthdays today to see the hand of God at work in their lives and to respond to His call and follow Jesus Christ.

Journalists are taught to write the most important information in the first paragraph. When they fail to follow this advice, it is called "burying the lede."

I have more important subjects for prayer: violence in Syria and the threat of war with Iran.

According to the Associated Press, 115 policemen were killed when terrorists attacked a police academy. 50 policemen were also wounded in the attack. The civil war in Syria has resulted in 70,000 deaths, according to a United Nations estimate.

Bloomberg reports that negotiations with Iran restart on April 5. This is critical because intelligence reports from Iran indicate the nation is getting closer to having the capability of manufacturing nuclear weapons. In an interview with NBC News, Secretary of State John Kerry stated, "The president’s policy is that Iran will not get a nuclear weapon."

Prayer List

  1. Pray for terrorists in the middle east to be convicted of the sin and hatred in their heart and to reject violence.
  2. Pray for the wounded victims to heal and for the families and friends of the deceased victims in Syria to forgive their enemies.
  3. Pray for negotiators in Iran to prevent an escalating nuclear arms race.
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