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Praying for Kim Kardashian

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 As Sunday night comes to an end, I wanted to recognize several people that had birthdays today and encourage everyone to pray for them. TV personality Kim Kardashian turned 32, keyboard player Charlie Lowell of the band Jars of Clay turned 39 and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu turned 63.

Earlier this year Kim Kardashian posted on Twitter, "I want to start a bible study group with my friends!" Please pray that Kim will study the Bible and be transformed by what it teaches and that she will see the dark side of celebrity self promotion the responsibility that goes with fame. According to Barbara Theodosiou, "Today a child is more likely to listen to the comments and influence of a celebrity than their parents."

Jars of Clay is moving away from the evangelical subculture where it first found an audience. Please pray that Charlie Lowell and the other members of the band will have opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ outside the evangelical culture. Fellow band member Dan Haseltine posted on his blog, "God gave us a story, and a space to fill. And it isn’t really in the same neighborhood as the evangelical church."

Israel's prime minister might soon decide on a course of action that could involve war with Iran. Please pray for Benjamin Netanyahu to make wise decisions on how his country responds to Iran's nuclear program.

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