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Praying for the Entertainment Industry: Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt, Steven Spielberg

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Everyday I check the Orange County Register list of birthdays and pray for actors, athletes, musicians, movie directors, politicians and other celebrities. Today the following entertainers have birthdays:

  • singer Christina Aguilera
  • actress Katie Holmes
  • actor Brad Pitt
  • movie director Steven Spielberg

Perhaps you've noticed that the Prayer Concerns blog includes plenty of celebrity-related prayer requests. That is explained by my background.

As a teenager I visited Universal Studios in Hollywood with my family and later got jobs working as a publicist on a movie release, an office manager for a movie producer, and as a production assistant on another movie and a TV series.

I enjoy the world of film and television because I enjoy storytelling. Storytelling sometimes shapes cultural attitudes.

So join me in praying for Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Prayer List:

  1. Pray that movie directors, screenwriters, producers, actors, actresses and musicians will use their God-given talents for his glory.
  2. Pray that the entertainment industry will turn away from its exploitation of violence and sex.
  3. Pray that entertainers with drug and alcohol problems will get the help they need and overcome their addictions.

If you are interested in praying regularly for people in the world of entertainment, please check out the Hollywood Prayer Network.

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