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Praying For Typhoon-Ravaged Philippines

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Survivors of super Typhoon Haiyan are desperate need of food, water and medical care. Over 10,000 people are dead after deadly tropical storm blew through the Phillipines over the weekend. Close to 9.7 million people in 41 provinces were also affected by the typhoon. The storm destroyed several homes leaving more than 600,000 people have been displaced.

CNN reporter Holly Yan wrote of described the atmosphere among survivors as filled with "The unbearable stench of rotting flesh. The search for relatives under heaps of rubble. The desperate pleas for food and water."

Humanitarian organizations and foreign governments are working assist the country in its recovery. Pope Francis has sent an aid contribution of $150,000 to families and victims pleading to the world for help. The U.S. Navy are headed to the country with helicopters, medical facilities, and tools to convert seawater into drinking water.

Although U.S. Christians are continents away, we can help.

Churches such as River of Life International Christian Fellowship in White Marsh, Maryland are gathering clothes, food and supplies to ship to the Phillipines. World Vision is raising funds to provide emergency assistance to 400,000 people.

The victims and their families also need our prayers.

-Pray for the injuried who are susceptible to infections and disease.

-Pray for families still waiting to hear from loved ones in strom-ravaged areas.

-Pray for the families of the dead.

-Pray that God will strengthen aid workers as care for those in need.

-Pray that God will strengten churches as they bring comfort and hope to the needy.

-Pray the orphaned, widowed and the poor who will be further impacted by Typhoon Haiyan.

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