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The Dark Side of Valentine's Day: Spouses Seek Revenge Sex

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According to USA Today, February 15th is a big business day for sex-oriented websites that help married people cheat.

According to Biderman, people sign up after Valentine's Day because they feel ignored by their spouse. "People are disappointed by their spouses' lack of effort, and they feel especially undervalued when there is a societal expectation of romance. Certain days of the year act as litmus tests for many people in relationships."

Businesses catering to cheaters have become multimillion dollar corporations.

Last year Noel Biderman the CEO of Ashley Madison, one of the most infamous sex websites for cheaters, told Yahoo that his company spends $22 million a year on advertising.

Researchers have taken note of the cheating phenomenon. David Buss and Cindy Meston, co-authors of the book Why Women Have Sex, interviewed more than 1,000 women about about sexuality. Buss described the role of revenge sex in an interview with Time Magazine:

I was surprised by the importance of revenge. A few had sex in order to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease. More commonly, women's revenge sex involved getting back at a cheating partner, or having sex with the partner of a friend who had poached her partner. Actually, the frequency of mate-poaching also surprised me — the frequency with which women try to lure men who are already "taken," either for a short-term sexual liaison or a longer-term relationship. Most women have experienced mate-poaching in one form or another, either as the mate poacher or as the victim.

Prayer List:

  • Pray for spouses that were hurt emotionally on Valentine's Day to deal with their emotional pain in a healthy way and to forgive the spouse for the harm that was done.
  • Pray for spouses considering adultery to flee temptation.
  • Pray for the members of cheating websites to be convicted of their actions and to stop cheating on their spouses.

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