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Why Pray for Celebrities?

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If you regularly read the comments on Christian Post articles, you've probably seen the name DisOp08. On April 12th DisOp08 asked the question, "What has any of these prayer lists ever accomplished? And why celebrities, seriously?"

On April 19th DisOp08 left the response, "Celebrities desperately need your prayers. They are suffering."

I wanted to answer these questions.

1. What has any of these prayer lists ever accomplished?

I have learned more about people in politics and the entertainment industry as I've compiled these lists. Even though I can't provide a list of how God has intervened from these prayers, I have noticed how it has affected my life. I'm a more compassionate person because of the time I've spent praying. Prayer is not always about accomplishments.

2. And why celebrities, seriously?

I've worked in the entertainment industry for almost 7 years. Some of my jobs included being a production assistant on a TV series and movie, sending press releases and movie posters for a theatrical release and shipping DVDs for an independent filmmaker.

I have friends in the entertainment industry and they do need our prayers. I worked with an actress that struggled for years with depression before taking her own life.

Recently, Radar Online reported, "Brooke Mueller has overdosed on drugs — including Adderall — an astonishing six times in the past two years, all of which required hospitalizations." Mueller is actor Charlie Sheen's ex-wife and she obviously has some problems to work through and so we should pray for her.

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