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Tue, Aug. 21, 2012 Posted: 08:31 AM


Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world Black and yellow, red and white They're all precious in His sight Jesus loves the little children of the world (written by Clare Herbert Woolston). Our children need to know that Jesus loves them. Sometimes, as parents we are quick to point out the negative things our children do, talk about their inabilities and their failures. Some parents make a point of telling their children what they are not and will never be i.e. never amount to anything, just like your dad or mom, dummies etc. We need to affirm and validate our children more.

I remember eating meals at the table with my family. Everyone came and set down together. No one grabbed a plate to take to his or her bedroom or the living room or anywhere else. On Saturday nights I remember my family and relatives would come together to pray. Yes, parents and kids kneeling together in the living room. I remember my mother anointing us with oil and praying for us everyday before we went to school. Unfortunately, many children do not have anyone to cover him or her in prayer.

There can be several reasons for this. Some examples are death of biological parent, parent’ incarceration, drug use, or being removed from parents due to neglect, sexual or physical abuse.

A few of these children are blessed to be placed in loving safe homes. Unfortunately, others find themselves in similar or worse situation. We need to cover these children, our children with prayers and offer them unconditional love. We need to look for the good in them. Notice the things that they are good at no matter how small or insignificant it may appear to be. Encourage them, build them up, give them hope and courage to go on. We must cover our children in prayer. We must cover those children who do not have anyone to cover them.

We are living in a society today where many young people do not attend church. Therefore, they are not learning the basic concepts of holiness and sanctification so they can pass it to the next generation. Teenage parents cannot teach what they have not learned themselves. Families do not pray together as they did in the past. There is no pattern for them to follow. We must cover them in prayer.

There was a time when principals, teachers and school staff were role models, had the high moral standards. Unfortunately, in the time that we are living in today that may not be the case. The school system is introducing our children to homosexuality through concepts of different families i.e. I have two mommies or two daddies. There are reported instances of teachers having sex with their students. Our children are exposed to ungodly influences in school, gang intimidation, drug activity, and sexual activity. A day without violence in the school has become the exception rather than the norm. We must pray against ungodly influences in the school, and through media i.e. music, TV and movies.

I encourage you to make a conscious decision that whenever you pass by a group of young people, see them on the corner, see them waiting for the bus or el train or drive by a school that you pray for their salvation and safety. Begin to decree and declare that laborers will come into their lives. Pray that they will have a personal encounter with the savior, Lord Jesus Christ.

Speak the answer not the problem. The answer is in the word of God. Heavenly father we come in the name of Jesus Christ your son asking that the Blood of Jesus cover every child as they return to school. We call forth warring angels to stand guard over them. We apply the blood in every school, dorms, schoolyard, classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, & stairwells. We apply the blood over every method of transportation by foot, car, and train. We bind up accidents, violence, bullying, drug traffic, and gang intimidation on their behalf because the mark of the Blood of Jesus is on them and we draw the bloodline around them. We loose safety, protection, love, wisdom, understanding, skill, might, power, and the Fear of God upon them. We decree they are the best of the best, the head and not the tail. We bind up the spirit of perversion, pedophile, death, anger, rage and unforgiveness. We pray for God fearing principals, teachers, support staff, security guards, lunch room attendant, janitorial staff that will surround our children and ask that you give them a discerning spirit that they may perceive and know the signs of trouble and have the ability to bind up demonic powers and loose the power of God in their schools and classrooms. We pray for administrators in the board of education that they will have an ear to receive instructions from the throne of heaven and act on behalf of our children. Give them what they need to help our children succeed. We loose prayer in the school and that our children will understand they have power to pray and ask for your protection as they walk the hallways and sit in their classrooms. We call forth intercessors that will walk by, drive by the schools and intercede on behalf of staff and students. Help us to understand that this is a spiritual warfare and we MUST STAND IN THE GAP TO KEEP THE ENEMY FROM DESTROYING A NATION. WE DECREE AND DECLARE THAT THIS SHALL BE A GENERATION THAT SHALL RISE UP AND WORSHIP THE LORD, OUR GOD, OUR SAVIOR AND BE FILLED WITH THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST. We call them forth to be men and women of God, lovers of God, and seekers of God's heart. We DECREE AND DECLARE that they shall be Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Teachers, visionary, inventors, Godly athletes, journalist, pastors, evangelistic, prophets and prophetess, leaders and all that you intend them to be for your Glory. For this cause, we bow our knees to you and worship you ALMIGHTY GOD, WORTHY OF GLORY, HONOR, and PRAISE.


Yvonne Perkins