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How to Pray for the Gulf Coast Crisis

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I know we're all brokenhearted over the current oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The images of oil-covered birds, dolphins and turtles, the blackened beaches, the devastated economy in an area that was still trying to rebound from Hurricane Katrina, the paralyzed fishing and shrimping fleets, and most tragically, the loss of human life in the terrible explosion that started all of this-considering all of that, this crisis can seem insurmountable. But we are not powerless in the face of such a great trial.
We can pray. We should pray. Never see prayer as a last resort or the least you can do. Prayer is our best strategy in the face of overwhelming events because it woos the power and favor of the God who controls everything.
So pray for the gulf coast. Specifically, pray for:

• Wisdom for the leaders, engineers, geologists and technicians at BP. Pray that they can quickly find a way to permanently cap the leak.
• Stamina, safety, wisdom and provision for the local, state and federal agencies that are working around the clock both in the gulf and onshore.
• Provision and protection for those economies along the gulf coast that have taken such a beating in the last five years.
• Hope and encouragement for those residents along the gulf coast who have suffered so greatly and lost so much.
• Protection and restoration for the fragile ecosystems being devastated by the leak.
• Justice-for anyone guilty of negligence or malfeasance that led to the tragic explosion.
• Justice-for those who have suffered loss-that their hopes, dreams and livelihoods will be restored.
• God's glory. Pray that we can all see God's healing, protection, provision and perspective through this crisis.

Don't sit idly by while this disaster unfolds in front of you. Get involved. Be part of the solution. Be part of the hope. Pray!

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