A Praying Life
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As the New Year unfolds most people take this time of the season to review the choices, successes, failures and lessons of the last year. They begin to evaluate and make decisions about changes for the New Year and set new expectations. Most of us start out with good intentions but somehow seem unable to stay with the new goals. The reason behind this inability to carry out the plan we have established for ourselves can be attributed to several different things. One of those critical areas is the lack of focus.

FOCUS is defined as the center of activity, attraction or attention. It is to concentrate on something in particular, to bring into view. In order to accomplish any task you must give it your full attention. Your actions must be geared towards fulfilling that goal. It requires a certain amount of discipline.

INTENTIONAL is defined as doing something in a way that is planned or intended. Intended defined as something you have established in your mind as a purpose or goal.

TRANFORMATION a complete or major change in someone's or something's appearance, form, etc.

I have one goal this year to intentionally focus on transformation by hearing the voice of God. I will deliberately set my mind and heart to seek God to make him the center of attraction. I will give God my attention and center my activity on him in order to bring his purpose, will and plan into my view. As I pursue him I know that my heart, mind, will, and spirit will undergo a transformation. I understand that change is not easy. I understand that I must declutter my life, take somethings off the table and eliminate “busyness”. I will humble myself and be broken before him and embrace the transformation he is working in my life.

Is this a goal that you desire as well?

• Write the vision. I will write out the plan.
• Ask Holy Ghost to reveal to me what I need to change.
• Daily I will seek his face.
• I will spend time learning about his will through his word.
• I will listen for his directions.
• I will give him the first fruit of the day by entering into his presence.
• I will end the day by reviewing my activity and questioning if the things I did brought me closer to my goal.
• I will obey.

What is your goal? How will you execute it?

SPEAK THE ANSWER NOT THE PROBLEM. THE ANSWER IS THE WORD OF GOD. Heavenly father we come to you with a repenting heart for every mistake, sin, error in judgement and whatever we have done to displease you. Forgive us and remember our frame that we are but dust. We don’t come making excuses we come seeking your strength to do better, to be better. We submit ourselves to you and acknowledge that you are the potter and we are the clay. We will not resist your will nor your plans for our lives. We come into agreement with your will. Help us to pursue you with all of our heart, mind, soul, spirit, and will. Draw us to you even as we draw near to you. Let our spirit man cry out to you for a closer walk, give us a hunger and thirst for the more of you. Teach us how to lay in your presence until we take on your image. Teach us how to love you and walk in obedience to your word. Saturate us in your cleansing blood, overwhelm us with your love, mercy and grace. Cause our hearts to pant after you. We surrender all of who we are to you that you may transform us into your likeness. Let us be a mighty weapon in your hand and make us a terror to the enemy that your name may be lifted up and you be glorified. We bow down before you and call you Lord, King of King because you reign in our lives. Thank you God for being our God and allowing us to be the sheep of your pasture.

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