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Nope, President Obama You Are Wrong

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Nope, President Obama You Are Wrong. I love and respect President Barak Obama. However, once again he is Wrong. Please let common sense prevail when it comes to transgender washroom’s policy. In the beginning God created male and female. I don’t care who or what you feel like, you were created either male or female. Having said that, it is your choice, right and privilege to be anyone you choose to be as long as you don’t take away my privilege’s to be whom I choose to be.

There must be order. Separate bathroom was created for a reason. It provides order. Males as determine by what lies between their legs goes to male bathroom. Likewise, females use female bathrooms. Please tell me what is so hard about that. When does minority rule? Are transgender people in the majority? I think not. Wisdom is truly turned backwards to suggest anything else.

Of all the issues that America is facing and particular the African American community i.e. poverty, lack of resources, high crime, murder/violence, need for jobs for ex-felons etc. surely President Obama could have weighed in on something else. I’m, once again disappointed in President Obama stance on this issue because of his claim to be a Christian and statement that he prays every night.

Nope, President Obama You Are Wrong. If I could speak to President Obama these would be my words to him: President Obama when you pray you must also listen. HEAR YE THE VOICE OF GOD. I think you have surrounded yourself with too many bi-sexual, homosexuals and try-anything sexual. So I encourage you to watch your in-crowd, are there any Christians, any heterosexuals in that crowd. I encouraged you to search your heart and see if your thoughts on this subject fifteen or twenty years ago would be the same. I think Not. You have stated that your thoughts on “homosexual right to marry” has evolved. I encourage you to return to your Christian values. What was right then is right now. Your opinion may have change but righteousness’ has not.

Nope, President Obama You Are Wrong. It is not right to blackmail and hold schools and public facilities hostage by threatening to withhold federal monies in order to FORCE them to comply with something that is immoral. Please don’t trample upon the rights of the majority in order to appease a few. There are some common sense things to do to accommodate transgender i.e. establish non-gender restrooms for them. This should be more appealing to them and less intrusive to others.

It is funny how the law can be twisted to suit the needs of special interest. U.S. Dept of Education states “Title IX
The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) enforces, among other statutes, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Title IX protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance. Title IX states that:
No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. Read the wording. It states on the basic of sex. Not Gender. Is going to the restroom an educational activity or consider to be programs activities? REALLY! It is unfair to twist this and use it to strong arm schools to comply with the wishes of a minority and trample over the rights of majority.

I would like to roll back the clock to eight years ago and see how secret service would react if Malia and Sasha went to the restroom and a transgender boy followed them into the restroom. Or what if even before the presidency if Michelle when to the restroom and some burley transgender man followed her in the restroom. President Obama I challenge you to be honest and reflect on what your immedite reaction woulld have been. Oh yes, Picture That.. Let’s talk about trauma for those who have been sexually abused or rape who now have their sense of safety threaten when a transgender person enter the restroom.

Talk about perfect situation for pedophiles, sexual perpetrators and perverts pretending to be transgender in order to find a victim. There has already been documentation of males exposing themselves in women restrooms as well as cases of attempted rapes. You can be SURE that there will be others.
Some examples: Male students within the University’s Whitney Hall student residence were caught holding their cellphones over female students’ shower stalls and filming them as they showered: http://therightscoop.com/we-told-you-university-drops-transgender-bathroom-policy-after-peeping-abuses/#ixzz48e1wEslb. Police: Sex offender posed as woman, went into women's locker room
A registered sex offender dressed up like a woman, went into a women's locker room at a pool and talked with several children before being chased down by a good Samaritan, according to Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.http://www.komonews.com/news/local/125111914.html. Police: Man in bra and wig found in women's bathroom - admitted to other offense where he showered in the girls' locker room for sexual gratification. Transgender Student in Women’s Locker Room Raises Uproar - Exposes Self to Underage Girls. Cross-dressing man arrested for exposure at Walmart http://www.ajc.com/news/news/local/cross-dressing-man-arrested-for-exposure-at-walmar/nQddG/. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/05/keith-fehr-little-black-dress-indecent-exposure_n_1406703.html. ENOUGH SAID.

COMMON SENSE PLEASE. Establish Unisex bathroom that male and female can use. Use of Unisex bathroom does not indicate that you are transgender only that you have a need to use the bathroom. COMMON SENSE. This problem I think will have a greater impact on children and women because I think there will be more instances of male transgender pretenders than females. I Personally don’t want my grandchildren trying to figure out if they should be afraid when using the bathroom when a transgender person walks into the bathroom. I certainly, don’t want to be nervous or be caught off guard when a transgender person walk into the bathroom with me. Talk about needing discerning. Help us God.

SPEAK THE ANSWER NOT THE PROBLEM. Heavenly father, we ask for Blood of Jesus to cover us, our children, our homes, cities and nation in this day of confusion. We pray for divine wisdom for it surely appears that wisdom has been turned backwards. We repent for all the immoral laws that America has endorsed. We pray for mercy. Let your blood cover our children mind, spirit and will and forbid confusion and perversion from entering them. Do not let them be pulled from the teaching we have instilled in them. We pray for those children whose parents have not instilled good morals value in them that you would show them the light of your word. Save us from this generation that caters to every unrighteous societal trend and try to make it acceptable. We pray for those in Congress to have courage to stand up and speak up on behalf of the majority, common sense and moral values. Separate restrooms have worked without any problems for many, many years and why should it change now. We pray for America that you will shake her to the core and shake off every ungodly thing off of her. Bring America back to her knees. Restore family values. Let America rise up again and bless your holy name and pray “God Bless America, land that I love, stand beside her and guide her” (Irving Berlin) Send conviction and repentance upon the heart of our president and let him be courageous enough to say “I Was Wrong”

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