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Prayers For Our Children

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Children of this generation face challenges that we never dreamt of today. In our generation we were allowed to play outside until the streets light came on. There was the sound of laughter in the streets. There was a sense of community safety. We dare not talk back to an adult. Teachers was expected to be person with high standards and morals. Being a “bad” child consisted of sneaking a cigarette or drink from the family stash, or ditching school for a day. It was not hard to distinguish right from wrong. Your parents taught you that at home, the preacher taught it at church, teachers taught it at school and society back it up as well. The village invested in raising their children.

Today’s generation children, young children are being shot as they play on their front porch, or on the basketball court or even just going to the candy store. Children are taught how to fall on the floor at the sound of gunshots. Parents never thought that their child may not return home from school because someone beat them to death in the girl’s bathroom, or on the streets as they came home from school. Parents never consider the possibility that a pedophile would kidnap their child, rapist rape them or someone would rob little children walking home from school. Parents never thought their children would be taught about “different” families that included two moms or two dads. Who knew there would come a time when “homosexual/lesbian lifestyle would be celebrated and it would be politically incorrect to criticize or speak against it. Your child’s teacher could come to school sporting a man’s suit one week and a fancy dress the next. You teach your child that using drugs is wrong but society legalize marijuana and promote the use of it.


SPEAK THE ANSWER NOT THE PROBLEM. THE ANSWER IS THE WORD OF GOD. Heavenly father we come in the name of your son Jesus on behalf of our children. We ask that you covered them in the Blood of Jesus from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet. We pray that you will give them good health, heal from disease and infirmity. We decree and declare that they present their bodies as a living sacrifice to you, they understand that their bodies are your temple and you have purchased them with your blood. Therefore, they honored their bodies, they flee youthful lusts, drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes shall not touch their lips. Their bodies will not receive it but reject it.

We plant the seed of righteousness in them and decree that it shall prosper and take root in them and they shall be rooted and grounded in your word. Our children are facing a society that embrace perverse ideas and lifestyles. We decree and declare that every girl will be a woman and every boy will be man and they shall embrace the image that you created them in. Your blood and holy word preserve them and we block every attack of the enemy in their mind, body, spirit and soul. We cast down every imagination that says otherwise and bring it into captivity and cause them to line up with your word.

Your word declares children obey your parents, honor your parents that it may be well with you. So we bind up the spirit of rebellion in them and lose the spirit of obedience into their lives. Your word teaches us to not provoke them to anger but to train, nurture and love them. We pray for wisdom to know how to reach them, give us words that they will hear, let us show them by example how to love and fear you. Teach us how to discipline without abuse but discipline in love through training, teaching, correcting and redirecting them in the right way. Show us the better way to meet their needs as their parents, not their friend but one who parents and guide them.

We decree that our children shall be taught of you and great shall be their peace Isiah 54:13And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.14In righteousness shalt thou be established: thou shalt be far from oppression; for thou shalt not fear: and from terror; for it shall not come near thee. We decree that all of our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, shall live in peace, peace surrounds them as they travel to and from school, in school and wherever they gather. Even as Rachel cried out for her children we cry out for our children for the blood has indeed come up to the windows and the blood of the innocent run in the street. We bind up violence, anger rage and terror and it shall not come near them. Your blood is a wall between them and the rapist, drug dealer, gangs, terrorists, cults, false religion and you preserve them from the road of destruction.

You have set before them life and death and they choose life. They will love you with all their might, heart and mind. They shall be God chasers, pursuer of your heart, they hear your voice and another they will not follow. They love your law and delight in it, they seek to please you. They are a generation that shall rise us and declare your goodness. They shall be greatly used of you.

We pray for our children who live in chaotic situations that you will protect them and keep them safe from hurt and harm. We pray for those that are being raised by grandparents or other relatives because perhaps parents are caught up in drugs, or in prison. We bind up the spirit of rejection, anger, hatred and bitterness. Your word declares that all things work together for good for those that love you and are called of you. Work out your will in their lives. We pray for those that have lost parents due to tragedy or death that they will experience your love and care for you are a mother to the motherless and a father to the fatherless.

We decree and declare victory in their lives. They have favor in school, with peers and teachers. They are the best of the best. You open up their abilities to soak up knowledge like a sponge. Creativity is birthed in them, they are entrepreneurs, designers, inventors, teachers, lawyers, doctors, financial masters, sensitive, kind, compassionate and giving. They are the head and not the tail. They exceed in everything they put their hands too. They shall not forget you but remember you in their youth. They shall remember that it is you who has given them favor, gifts and talents to get wealth and they shall always give you the glory. Every talent and gift you give to them shall be used for your glory.

Bind their feet to the path of righteousness, clothed them in sanctification and perfumed them with holiness. Saturate them in your love. Enlighten their eyes and open up their understanding. We draw the blood line around them, under them, through them and make a bold declaration that Satan will not have them. We will never give up on them. We will never let them go. They belong to you and we commit them into your hands. We ask that you send Warring angels to walk with them, Ministering Angels to be with them, be a fence all around them. We give you praise in advance for how you are keeping them loving them and protecting them. They shall be mightily used of you.

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