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President Obama Wins Re-election - Now What?

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President Obama has won re-election and has been granted four more years in office. Some are overjoyed and others are in dismay. Whether he was your choice or not, guess what? You have an obligation to support him and pray for him as Commander in Chief. I say that not just, because he was my choice but even if Romney had won the same would be true.

It is time to put aside differences and come together as a nation. If you live in America, you are truly blessed and we must not take our blessings for granted. Every believer has a responsibility and duty to pray for our President and ask God to give him wisdom, skill, knowledge, understanding and that the fear of God would rest upon him.

Perhaps now, the Republicans party can focus on doing what is right for the good of the people rather than focusing on ensuring that President Obama would be a one-term president. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, CONGRESS, SENATORS AND ALL CABINET MEMBERS HAVE A MANDATE TO SUPPORT WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE.

Billons were raised during this election campaign. Now if those that contributed thousands and millions of dollars would contribute money to help this nation come out of debt we would be able to make real progress. If the Donald Trumps of this world would use their money, power and influence to create jobs, open up training centers, support teachers, establish FREE medical clinics, food banks etc we would make progress as a nation. I encouraged Mr. Trump to release his anger and turn it into something positive to help others. The billionaires and millionaires should at least contribute their fair share.

The job that remains is not only the responsibility of the President but the job of every able bodied person that can and will who is willing to ask "What can I do for my country" as President Kennedy declared so many years ago. Yes, many areas need to be addressed: economics, housing, Medicare, medical services for the poor, education, job creation. I am confident that there are many brilliant minds in America that can collectively come together in unity to find those solutions. Never mind who gets the credit. Just get the job done.

America must free herself from spirits of racism, hatred, and bitterness. When hurricane Sandy struck, she did not spare anyone. We are all in the storm together and must reach out to help one another. All Americans must support America and do what we can to make her a stronger nation and a world leader.

President Obama we encourage you on this journey to not lean on your understanding but seek Godly counsel, seek God's purpose, plan and will as you move this country forward. Uphold that which is morally right, when you are struggling with your conscious about decisions then that is the time to seek answers from the word of God. Seek spiritual counsel. Let it be said of you that you made the difficult choices and that you did that which was right in the eyes of God.

SPEAK THE ANSWER NOT THE PROBLEM. Father we ask that BLOOD OF JESUS cover our president, his family, vice president Biden, the cabinet, and our nation. Bless Vice president Biden to move in agreement and in power in caring out the mandates given to him. We pray that President Obama has a Holy Ghost encounter with you and that you would anoint him with wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and skill and let your Holy reverence and fear be upon him. We bind his feet to the path of righteousness his heart to you and let the mind of Christ arise in him We bind up every plan, plot and attack of the enemy, let it be revealed and destroyed. We bind up the spirit of hatred, racism and send confusion to the camp of the enemy. We loose love, hope, faith, unity, cooperation, and peace over our nation. May it be said of President Obama that he did that which was right in your sight. Guide him with your eyes as he leads this nation. Send ministering angels to minister to his needs, warring angels to protect him. Give first Lady Michelle discerning spirit and wisdom in how to pray for her husband. Let them kneel together before you in prayer. Let them teach their children how to reverence, trust and believe you. We decree and declare righteous laws and decrees, Esther and Daniels in positions and authority for such a time as this. We loose the spirit of cooperation across party lines. There is one purpose to make America a strong nation that meets the mandates to serve the people. We call forth new ideas to create jobs, wealth for all, enable health services for all. We call for a release of finances from those with the most wealth to extend a helping hand to those in need, to create opportunities, to educate, train and prepare America to take its place as a world leader. We pray for peace and peaceful ways to end disagreements. We pray the spirit of Repentance and Conviction upon America for every immoral law and that America will once again HONOR God and Godly principles that our nations was founded upon. America blesses God who has all power, dominion and give our God glory and honor. MAY PRESIDENT OBAMA AND AMERICA RISE UP AND GLORIFY YOUR NAME FOR YOU ARE WORTHY OF ALL GLORY, HONOR, AND PRAISE, POWER AND DOMINION BELONGS TO YOU.


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