A Praying Life
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Intercession is the act of interceding on behalf of someone else or a situation or circumstances that you are asking God to change. An intercessor is one who practices the art of intercession and has dedicated themselves to regularly interceding on behalf of others.

The profile of an intercessor is one who has an established intimate relationship with God. A person who life lines up with the word of God "ye shall be holy for I the Lord your God am holy" Lev. 19:2, "come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you" 11 Cor 6:17. A person, who studies the word of God, knows and meditates on the word of God. A person determined to live righteous and to call upon the name of God. A person who has crazy faith and believes that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD (Luke 1:37)

Intercessors live close to God to be able to hear his voice through the word of God, the ministers and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Intercessors are not just hearers but doers of the word of God. They do not engage in gossip nor surround themselves around negative people. Intercessors can be trusted and do not reveal what they have been told to others. God hold us accountable for our behavior. They are self conscious about the things they read, look at, listen to and how they conduct themselves in their daily walk with God. Intercessors are not SELF-RIGHTEOUS NOR JUDGEMENTAL.

Intercessor understand the high calling of intercession and dare not lean to their own understanding but are careful to seek the face of God and seek direction from the Holy Spirit at all times. Intercessors do not operate independently from God but are totally dependent on him trusting his guiding hand to direct their paths. Intercessors confess "I do not know how to pray without the help of the Holy Spirit" Romans 8:26-27.

Intercessor do not pray what they think need to be done but pray for the will of God. Intercessors pray with confidence because they confess what the word of God says about a situation. For example "I am healed because God's word says I am your God that healeth you. Therefore, I can pray with confidence and totally expect healing for myself and the person I am interceding for because it is not my words but God's word that declares healing is a legal right to the children of God. I confess the word of God and I believe that it is his will and duty to perform his word. The intercessor's job is to ask, confess and believe then it is up to God to perform, manifest and carry out his word.

Intercessors are not boastful but humble when someone comes to them and ask them to intercede for they recognize it is not them that draw that person to them but the anointing that God has blessed them with to intercede and receive answers on another behalf.

Summary: The profile of an intercessor is a person who has an intimate relationship with God, studies, mediate, hear, receive and believe 100% the word of God. A person who is not self-righteous or judgmental and does not operate independently of God in their own strength, knowledge and abilities but is TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON THE LEADING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. They do not operate outside of the word of God but pray accordingly to the word of God. They have dedicated themselves to live holy and righteous and to intercede regularly on behalf of others, pastors, family, the lost, sick, forsaken and bereaved, neighborhoods, communities, leaders, Presidents and those in authority.

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