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Revisiting 21 Days Journey (PART THREE)

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The last three weeks we have been on a journey of journaling. If you are joining us now for the first time it is imperative that you go to the beginning and read the previous segments.

Recap of those segments:

  1. Journaling can help you gain insight into your emotional state.There are many variations of journaling.Instructions for this particular journaling are threefold.
  2. Step one, identify what you are feeling i.e. sadness, fearful, uncertain etc.
  3. Step two, identify why you feel this way.
  4. Step three, identify one area of gratitude.I shared my background as social worker with families in Department of Children and Family Services, dealing with neglect, child abuse, drug abuse etc. I also worked 12 years as a therapist with mentally ill patients, families and children who were in guardianship or adopted struggling with issues of abandonment, rejection, anger, grief, loss and separation.
  5. As part of the therapy process, I would ask my client to commit to 21 days of journaling.The instructions for journaling is to find a quiet place, listen to soft music, set aside specific time for journaling and do not read previous day entries
  6. .Last week, you learned what a counseling session looks like.Last week we added 15-20 minutes of meditation to the journaling process. New instruction given to read all of the previous journaling entries before proceeding with the journaling process.

All right, let continue with the journey as I guide you through the next session.

Therapist: What are your thoughts about the journaling process? Are you becoming more comfortable with it?

Clients: It has been very helpful.

Therapist: Your next assignment is to review all of your journaling entries. Review the “ I feel” part and put into categories i.e. how many days I felt sad, hopeless, joy, in control, loss of control etc.

Client: In the beginning, I experience a lot of sadness. As times went on, I have experience peace.

Therapist: Let look at the “why” categories i.e. what was behind the feeling, when was the first memory of that feeling, the last memory etc.

Client: I did not realize how much past hurts were affecting me.

Therapist: Review the “gratitude” section.

Client: I noticed that this section has increased as I came to realization of how much I have to be grateful.

Therapist: What did you learn about yourself?

Client: Shares new insights about their life.

Therapist: What are you willing to change?

Client: Talk about change they have experience and are now open to experience.

Therapist: You showed great strength in taking this journey. You have completed your assignment for the purpose of therapy. I encourage you to continue to use this tool as often as you feel the need to.

The above information is meant to help you understand the journaling process and possibilities. I am not implying that all of your problems will be resolved in 21 days. However, if you take the time to examine who you are, the events in your life that shape your life, you will be a stronger person.

Journaling is a safe way to confront your fears, admit your failures, embrace your future, pursue your dreams and take control of your destiny. During this journey, I hope you have come to terms with understanding EMOTIONS ARE NEITHER RIGHT OR WRONG. THEY ARE JUST THAT, EMOTIONS. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO YOUR FEELING. When you understand this, you will be released from denial, guilt, pain. shame, and blame. Your life will be changed.

What you do when you come to that realization is what determines if those emotions destroy or strengthen you. Many people are physically ill today due to emotional scars. They are struggling with denial, hiding behind religion without confronting the things that cause them torment. Psalm 32:1 Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered. You are blessed when every stronghold of the enemy is exposed, broken and placed under the Blood of Jesus.

This concludes the 21 days of journaling. Next week we will conclude the journey as we explore in more detail how to use this process to strengthen your spiritual journey walk.

SPEAK THE ANSWER NOT THE PROBLEM. THE ANSWER IS THE WORD OF GOD. HEAVENLY FATHER, I pray that the Holy Ghost will speak to the hearts of many doing this journey. I pray that the BLOOD OF JESUS would open our hearts and purge us from all guilt and shame. The Holy ghost heals every wounded spirit and broken spirit. Holy Ghost shines the light of God’s words in every dark area. Reveal the areas that Satan does not want us to see. Take out every seed of bitterness, despair, regret, jealousy, anger, blame. The Great Physician operates on each of us perfectly completing supernatural surgery leaving no scars. Now pour in us love, peace, joy, forgiveness, unity, freedom, holy boldness that will allow us to walk in liberty. We will not be bound. We receive all the redemptive work of the cross. We are willing to be broken before you. You are the potter, we are the clay and you make us over. Take the shackles off so we can dance a new dance of joy and hope before you. Give us the spirit of David that we can dance unhindered, unashamed and with great zeal. We worship you in truth and in spirit.

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