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Revisiting 21-Days Journey (Part Two)

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 A week ago, I extended an invitation to join me on a 21-day journey of journaling. If you did not read that segment, I encourage you to do so now. I am not going to repeat everything discussed in that segment. To benefit from this segment you really need to take the time to read Revisiting 21 days Journey part one. However, I will highlight briefly that information.

  • Journaling can help you gain insight into your emotional state.
  • There are many variations of journaling.
  • Instructions for this particular journaling are threefold.
  • Step one, identify what you are feeling i.e. sadness, fearful, uncertain etc.
  • Step two, identify why you feel this way.
  • Step three, identify one area of gratitude.
  • I shared my background as social worker with families in Department of Children and Family Services, dealing with neglect, child abuse, drug abuse etc. I also worked 12 years as a therapist with mentally ill patients, families and children who were in guardianship or adopted struggling with issues of abandonment, rejection, anger, grief, loss and separation.
  • As part of the therapy process, I would ask my client to commit to 21 days of journaling.
  • Additional instructions for journaling was to find a quiet place, listen to soft music, set aside specific time and not read previous day entries.
  • Upon the next session, we would read and explore the journal together.

 Ok, now that I brought you up to speed, let proceed from this point. At the next session, the goal is to read and explore what the client has written. I then introduce the client to meditation. This is not meditation as in chanting etc. but rather I assist them in becoming in tune with their body, mind and spirit. I believe that healing must deal with the whole man.

 Get your journal, find a quiet spot and I am going to walk you through a counseling session.

Therapist: How was this journaling process for you? Was it difficult, easy, what you thought it would be or not what you expected at all?

Client:  It was hard at first…

Therapist. Share what you wrote on the first day.

Note: I am working with the family as a unit so each member will share a portion of what they wrote. At this point, I remind family member that this time has to be a safe time, there are to be no repercussion, no feedback, no discussion outside of therapy about anything discussed during therapy. This would hinder the process and not allow for breakthrough that family need. I would not recommend you doing this as a family unit without a therapist. I am merely trying to give you an idea of what the process looks like.

Therapist:  Ok, I am going to introduce you to some simple meditation. Give yourself some space. Get comfortable. We will not be holding hands, getting in touch with any spirits etc. Oh no, you will just learn how to relax and become more aware of what you are feeling. Ok, are we clear?

Client: laugh and agrees.

Therapist: scientific evidence exists that a few minutes of mediation lowers blood pressure, slows down heartbeat, and relieves anxiety.

Therapist: Puts on special meditation CD and gives instructions during first instrumental song.

Therapist: Meditation is the place where you bring your mind, body and spirit into one place. It is a time of truth. No one can read your mind. You do not have to hide your feelings from anyone. Emotions are not right or wrong. They are just emotions. Picture a brick wall. Each brick represents a feeling you have not wanted to face i.e., fear, anger, bitterness, hatred, shame, despair, abandonment, rejection, worthlessness etc. You are going to take these bricks down one at a time. Do not deny, reason or justify what you feel. Whatever it is, allow yourself to feel it to the fullest intensity. Yes, the anger, pain, sadness, whatever it is identify it. You have a right to your feelings.

Therapist: I want you to focus in on the words to this second song as well as your breathing. No looking around at any one else. Close your eyes. The song you are listening to now is Juanita Bynum “You are my peace”.

 Note: I suggest that you prepare your own meditation CD of inspiration songs. First two songs should be instrumentals. This helps you to settle down. Then two or three songs that hold meaning to you. Complete with mixture of instrumentals and vocals. CD should be at least 30 minutes long. My sessions with clients would usually be 15-20 minutes.

 Therapist is quiet as clients listen to about 10 more minutes of instrumental music.

Client: sometimes tears are streaming, sometimes crying softly.

Therapist: Now release that feeling. You have a right to feel it but you can not, must not sit there. You must not hold on to it. Holding on to negative feelings, will cause you to be physically, emotionally, spiritually sick. Sometimes you hold on to pain etc because it has been there so long, you do not know what else to hold on to. If you release it, you can experience hope, peace, joy and love.

Therapist:  breathe, breathe, and release it. Let it go. Ok, one more minute then open your eyes.

Therapist: Say these words with me: Today is a new day. It is a day of hope. I can not change my past, my hurts, the pain or shame, what people did to me or did not do for me. I will not let my past dictate my future. I do not know what tomorrow hold but I know who holds my tomorrow. Today, I chose to love myself and because I love myself, I can love others.

Clients: repeat the words as instructed.

Therapist: Asks if client want to share what they experienced.

Client: are willing to share and open about what they experienced.

Therapist: You are to continue with the journaling process. You can go back and read everything you have written up to this point. As you move forward, I encourage you to dig deeper into your emotions. You should spend 15-30 minutes in meditation either prior to or after journaling.

Therapist:  I have created a special CD for each of you.

Client: accept CD and agree to commit to journaling and meditation.

 Well, I told you this would be a journey. I have shared with you what a therapy session would look like. You can do this on your own. Here are some important keys:

 Find a quiet place and a set time to do your journaling and meditation. You may have to rise earlier or go to bed later. You deserve this time. You are important and you must take time to meet your emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

  1. Review the list of feeling words included at end of blog.
  2. Compile your own meditation CD (30-60 minutes of music) I will include some of my favorites at end of blog.
  3. Seek God’s face and be led of the Holy Ghost to reveal areas that need to be addressed. I am convinced that many Christians are walking wounded and have not experienced the level of healing they need due to denial and lack of understanding. Many times, there are areas of hatred, bitterness and un-forgiveness. We deny these areas because we understand it is wrong to hate or be bitter or not forgive. Truth is this is the way we feel.
  4. Remember emotions are neither right nor wrong. They are just emotions. It is what you do with those emotions that will determine if they destroy you or build you up. God gives us grace to go through every test and situation. It is my prayer that many of you will experience physical healing and spiritual healing as you come to terms with facing your emotional scars.
  5. This is not about religion, rituals or traditions. It is about facing truth and trusting God to heal you in every area of your life.

 SPEAK THE ANSWER NOT THE PROBLEM. THE ANSWER IS THE WORD OF GOD. Heavenly father we come in the name of your son, Jesus thanking you for the SHED BLOOD OF JESUS. We ask your guidance in assisting us to deal with, face, conquer and overcome every hurt, disappointment, bitterness, jealousy, un-forgiveness, low self-esteem, timid spirit, failure, shame, rejection, abandonment, grief and pain. We yield our mind, soul, body and spirit to the Holy Ghost to reveal truth in our lives. We decree, confess, believe and accept Rom 8: 28And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. We refuse to let our past dictate our future. We reject the plan of the enemy and believe that you are perfecting those things that concern us. Your word declares that you are the lifter of every bowed down head, the balm in Gideon, healing of the broken spirit, the wounded spirit. You are the great physician who can heal us without leaving scars. I am that I am who meets our every need. We embrace and receive all the redemptive work of the cross, 39 stripes on your body guaranteeing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Break every ungodly soul ties, and replace with healthy relationships. Mend our hearts, satisfy the hunger and fill the thirsty places in our lives. Help us to admit truth and let go of all negative things. You shed your blood for us to walk in freedom and liberty. We refuse to be bound. For this cause, we bow down and worship you our lord, king, savior and God. All power belongs to you.

FEELING WORDS: http://www.psychpage.com/learning/library/assess/feelings.html 

CD RECOMMENDATIONS; Morning Glory,Behind the Veil,Smooth Jazz (Juanita Bynum). To Worship you I Live, On Holy ground(Israel & New Breed) Tis so Sweet Shirley Green, Inspirational hymns various artists, Power in the Blood, Power in the name of Jesus, I give myself away William McDowell etc.to name a few. My Worship is my warfare, I am (Yvonne Perkins). http://www.broadjam.com/transmit/index.php?id=9717kcez 


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