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Revisiting the 21 Day Journey (Part Four)

Mon, Jan. 06, 2014 Posted: 07:53 AM

This is the last segment of the 21-day journey. You are encouraged to do a review of the previous segments. I will highlight points from those segments.

Segment One

1. Journaling can help you gain insight into your emotional state. There are many variations of journaling. Instructions for this particular journaling are threefold.

2. Step one, identify what you are feeling i.e. sadness, fearful, anxiety etc.

3. Step two, identify why you feel this way.

4. Step three, identify area of gratitude

5. I shared my background as social worker with families in Department of Children and Family Services, dealing with neglect, child abuse, drug abuse etc. I also worked 12 years as a therapist with mentally ill patients, families and children who were in guardianship or adopted struggling with issues of abandonment, rejection, anger, grief, loss and separation.

As part of the therapy process, I would ask my client to commit to 21 days of journaling. The instructions for journaling is to find a quiet place, listen to soft music, set aside specific time for journaling and do not read previous day entries.

Segment Two

1. Scenario of counseling session.

 2. Introduction of 15-20 minutes of meditation into journaling process.

 3. Instruction given to read all of the previous journaling entries before proceeding with the journaling process.

4. Ways to apply journaling to your spiritual life.

5. Recommendations and instructions on making meditation CD.

Segment Three

1. Review of your journal entries for the last 21 days

2. Identifying and confronting emotional state

3. Identifying and recognizing coping style.

4. Identifying areas of change.

This brings us to conclusion of journey or continuation of journey. It is your decision. It is my prayer that you have gained insight into your life. It is my hope that you have found courage to identify areas of pain, hurt, shame, disgrace, low self-esteem and every negative thing in your life. It is my prayer that the eyes of your understanding have been opened. Every negative feeling that you hold on to will lead to physical, emotional and spiritual sickness.

Forgiveness is a powerful weapon against the enemy. Many times, we say, “I will forgive them but I will never forget”. Let me share this with you. You may need to ask the Holy Ghost to remove it, whatever IT is, from your memory. Ask the Holy Ghost to place it completely under the blood, to wipe it out of your memory bank, out of the fiber of your soul. God can do it. God will do it.

Spiritual application: PRAY FOR REVELATION. Ask Holy Ghost to illuminate areas of weakness in your walk with God. Be willing to see what Satan does not want you to see. Seek the grace of God to strengthen you. List the areas of growth that you wish to obtain in God. Give the Holy Ghost permission to chart your course. Dare to write down your requests, decree and declare victory.

SPEAK THE ANSWER NOT THE PROBLEM. THE ANSWER IS THE WORD OF GOD. Heavenly father, we thank you for the journey. Let the spirit of the living God, your holy word and Blood of Jesus cover us, direct us and guide us on this journey. We have not walked this way before. Grant the wisdom of God to rule in our lives. Let every veil be destroyed that comes to hinder our growth in you. Open the eyes of our understandings that we may perceive your will in all areas of our lives. Guide us with your eyes, order our steps, make every crooked place straight, bring down the high places and exalt the low places in our lives that we may come into agreement with your perfect will for our lives. Make us whole in every area of our walk with you. Help us to press toward the high mark, seeking your face as never before. Help us to not only forgive but also forget every negative thing that has happen in our lives. Help us to confront the past, embrace the present and walk into our future fortified with the truth of lessons gained through every experience, test and trial that you have brought us through. Help us to accept that all things work together for good to them that love you and are the called according to your purpose. WE CONFESS THAT WE DO LOVE YOU AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO YOUR PURPOSE. We accept your will and give thanks for all things. You hold all of our seasons and we trust you to bring us to the expected end, the good things that you have prepared for us. We bow down and bless your holy name for all POWER BELONGS TO YOU.

Yvonne Perkins