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Rising Above Disappointment

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Rising Above Disappointment. In this life, there will be disappointments. There is no way around it. Everyone will experience it at some point in time during this journey called life. Disappointment defined by Webster as defeated in expectation or hope 2)sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfill one’s hope or expectation. Disappointment can have devasting results on a person’s life if not handled in a positive manner. It can cause you to lose hope, or not believe anything good will come out of your life. It can hinder your growth, naturally and spiritually.

Rising above disappointment. Life is full of ups and downs. We do not always achieve everything we set out to do. Things don’t always go the way we envision it to go. Two people can look at a glass of water and one will see it as half empty and the other as half full. What difference does it make? The perception will impact your thoughts, your thoughts will impact your feelings, your feelings will impact your behavior.

Rising above disappointment. A person perceives the glass to be half empty. This person thought pattern about life is more likely to be one filled with negative thoughts i.e. nothing goes my way, everyone is against me, if it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck etc. If that is the thought pattern the feelings attached to that thought more likely include sadness, anger, and/or frustration. These feelings will more likely result in the person engaging in negative behaviors that will only enforce those beliefs, i.e. not pursuing dreams, not giving their best efforts etc.

Rising above disappointment. A person perceives the glass to be half full. This person thought pattern about life is more likely to be filled with positive thoughts i.e. I am almost there, my goal is within reach, I can do this. The feelings attached to these thoughts are more likely to include, anticipation, an expectation of achievement, strength, happiness etc. The behavior is more likely to include setting and pursuing goals, going the extra mile, taking chances with the expectation this will work etc.

Rising above disappointment. Some examples of people that experience disappointment and/or failure are: Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four years old.Benjamin Franklin dropped out of school at age ten. Stephen King’s first novel was rejected 30 times.Oprah Winfrey was repeatedly molested but rose above her past to become one of America’s most influential woman.Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before achieving success. He reportedly stated. I have not failed. I just found 1000 ways that didn’t work. They did not allow their failures, mistakes or disappointments to cripple them. They continue to believe they could, they would achieve. They believed life had more to offer and it did.

Rising above disappointment. God has given me the gift of writing. I write poems, blogs, and gospel songs. I am not a singer so I am always looking for ways to get my music to the ears of producers and recording artists. I visit sites where recording artists, tv/radio producers etc are looking for new materials. During the month of August. I learned that a well-known singer was looking for material for a new album. I submitted several songs. I heard from a well-known producer, Mr. Charles Hester Jr. "CHA-LO". (Google his name, he is the real thing) that out of the many songs that were submitted, he selected my song “With Every Breath” to submit to this artists.

Rising above disappointment. I was very excited, to say the least. I believed God for this open door. I stood on the word of God. I confessed the favor of God i.e. I’m surrounded by the favor of God, No good thing will be withheld from me, I delight myself in God, It is God’s good pleasure to give me the desires of my heart etc. I had a few trusted intercessors to stand in the gap with me.

Rising above disappointment. About a week ago, I learned that the song had been presented to the artists but she did not choose it for her album. I was very, very disappointed to say the least. How could this happen? I believed, I did not doubt I confessed the word of God. Immediately, Satan was in my ear. Faith without works is dead, how did you think you had a chance. You will never make it as a songwriter. You may a well stop wasting time and Money during a demo. (Making demos of songs does not come cheap)Then he reminded me of things I have on the altar that has not yet manifested. Oh, yeah it was a real pity party. But Wait.

Rising above disappointment. The Holy Spirit has a voice too and begins to speak. This producer not only listened to my songs but he made encouraging comments on those I submitted. I don’t know him, he is not a friend, acquaintance and I have no connection with him. He thought this song was good enough to introduce it to this singer! This well-known established singer Listened to my song. My name was on the lips of this producer and singer! Hey, the favor of God does surround me as a shield. As I continue to love and worship the giver and not the gift, God will give me the desires of my heart. Whew, I am ENCOURAGED. THANK YOU, HOLY SPIRIT.

Rising above disappointment. Don’t let disappointment cripple you, sabotage your future, take away your hope and dreams. Reassess, Reset, Rethink, Reexamine, take a deep breath, take a moment, dust your self off and start over. I love the quote of Thomas Edison. I did not fail. I just found 1000 ways that did not work. So I say, I did not fail. It may have been the wrong door. I will choose another door,

Speak the answer not the problem. The answer is the word of God. Heavenly Father, I thank you for your goodness, mercy, kindness, and faithfulness to me. I may not understand the whys or the reasons. I know that your ways are not my ways and your thoughts are not mine. They are much higher than mine. You are the only one that knows my end from the beginning. All of my times are in your hands and you know the seasons of my life. You are the author and finisher of my life. I trust your plans and desires for my life because you are perfecting those things that concern me and you are making good plans for me. Help me to embrace your will, your plans and continue to be in a place of loving, trusting and worshipping you. I have learned down through the years that your will is best. For this cause, I bow my knees and worship you, knowing that all power belongs to you. I’m secure in your love and wait with pregnant expectation for the manifestation of your promises.

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