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Tribute to Apostle Richard D. Henton

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I was driving to a Dr. Appointment when I heard the announcement on the radio: We are paying tribute to Apostle Richard D. Henton who made his transition today. I pulled my car off the road as I began to say over and over “NO, NO it cannot be” while my heart told me Yes, he has reached his desired designation. He has finished his course and heaven awaits his arrival.

It was only the day before that I learned he was being placed in hospice care. His spoken request has always been “Lord keep my mind and keep me on my feet”. When the Dr. gave him his prognosis he stated I will no longer take these treatments if God is ready for me I am ready for him. He stated I will not go on the Dr.’s timetable but on my own. He passed in his sleep quietly at home. God answered his request. Apostle Henton was preaching up to the very end. Two Sundays before his passing he conducted a special service as he taught on the Holy Ghost and signed copies of his new book "The Experience Episode and Encounter of the Holy Ghost".

Let me start over for the person who does not know who Apostle Richard D. Henton was. That number would be very few because this man was truly a gift to the Body of Christ. A brief history of his ministry:

.1948 called to preach at the age of 14
. ordained to preach at age 16
.1964 founded Monument of Faith Church at 6848 S. Racine (My family was the second to join the church when he opened the doors of the church)
.1971 purchased church 7359 S. Chappel
.1977 250 Voice Choir ministered at Inaugural Ceremony in Washington D.C.
.1993 television ministry expands to over 633 tv stations
.1994 citywide breakthrough Crusade at UIC Pavillion over 10,000 in attendance. This was unheard of at that time and the first time it happened in Chicago, Ill.
.1998 moved into present location at 2650 S. Columbus Ave Chicago Il. The church sits on 13.5 acres.

The Man: Apostle Richard D. Henton was a husband,(wife Helen) father of six children (two deceased Timothy and Phillip) four surviving children, Mark, John, Amelia and Melody. He was spiritual father to many. He traveled worldwide and was respected and love by many across the nation and overseas as well.

His influence was worldwide. He laid hands on and encouraged many well-known evangelists before they became well known such as: Bishop T. D. Jakes, Ambassador Juanita Bynum. Many felt it was an honor to stand behind his pulpit including Pastors Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo, Paula White, Shirley Caesar, Marvin Winans, Babbie Mason, Rance Allen,Beverly Crawford and Ernestine Cleveland Reems. and the list is too exhaustive to list here. Many Pastors were birthed out of this ministry including the likes of Evangelist Rose Mary Gage, Angie Ray, Bishop Linda Shearrill and again the list is too exhaustive to list here.

Sharing the Mantle: He loved the Body of Christ and regularly held seminars to reach out to clergy men and women across this nation to impart knowledge about the joys and pitfalls of being an evangelist sharing lessons he learned from being in the field. He open the pulpit to women in a time when many Pastors were not so welcoming.

Anointing: He paid the price to carry a heavy anointing. Thousands upon thousands were saved under his ministry including myself. This man had a love for the lost soul. He labored with altar calls often stating that he could fill in his spirit when it was the last opportunity for a soul that needed to come to God or would miss their opportunity to be saved. He stated it felt like a door was open and wind was coming through that door and he could tell when that door closed. The altar call was consider to be so sacred that you were forbidden to walk during an altar call. The usher’s instructions were no body leaves during the altar call. These words are forever imprinted on my heart: hell is the hottest word, lost is the saddest word, eternity is the longest word but salvation is the sweetest word. He truly preached the blood off of his hands.

He believed in laying on hands and many were delivered, set free and healed under his ministry. As a young child I witness demons being cast out, miracles taking place before my eyes. Lives being changed. He was a humble man who never lost his humility and his love for the common man. He was not impressed by titles but by the life you live. He loved the youth of his church. He was involved in our lives. He went on outings with us. He knew each of us by name. He was touchable and reachable He didn’t traveled with a large entourage. He would stop and prayed with the common man on the streets.

I have been a member of this church since my pre-teen years and I can say from that time until now AS A PASTOR HE NEVER MADE US ASHAMED THAT WE WERE MEMBERS OF MONUMENT OF FAITH. He laid the foundation for my salvation and his message never changed: Holiness or Hell, come clean or stay away nasty. Your title means nothing if you not living a nickel worth of dog meat.

Tribute: Apostle Richard D Henton was a spiritual giant among men. He operated in the five fold ministry and was Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist ,teacher and Pastor,preacher’s preacher, who lived the life he preached about. Thousands upon thousands found salvation, received deliverance, strength and healing through his ministry. Many deliverers were birthed out of this ministry. He paid the price for the anointing he carried and there was a time he wanted to give up but he “Didn’t Wreck the Train”, he stayed the course. He was a general in spiritual warfare and believe in the power of the blood, God’s word and prayer. He built Monument family on prayer and the doors of the church is open every day of the week for prayer. The Monument of Faith Family Salute Apostle Richard D. Henton upon his last promotion; Heaven.

SPEAK THE ANSWER NOT THE PROBLEM. THE ANSWER IS THE WORD OF GOD. Heavenly father, we thank you for the Shepherd that you gave us, one that was after your heart, loved his sheep and truly did feed us the naked truth. Our hearts are filled with mixed emotions for we know that he has reached his destination and would not come back even if he had the opportunity to. We are standing on your promises that “Blessed are they that mourned for they shall be comforted”. Send the comforter now for his wife Helen, children Mark, John, Amelia and Melody, his brother Vernell and each member of his family, his extended family, church family and everyone that is or has been connected to him in any way. Now God we ask that you filled that empty spot that he has left with your love, comfort and presence. We do not mourn as the world does for we have the hope of glory springing forth in us and we know that we will again at the great family reunion in heaven. We thank you Heavenly father that the mantle was passed on to his son, Mark who was installed as Pastor of Monument almost two years ago and will carry on the legacy of his father. We pray that you strengthen him and that he obeys your voice to “Preach the Gospel”. We bind up any plot, plan, and strategy of the enemy to bring dissension, confusion during this vulnerable time in our lives. As we come into agreement for what Apostle Henton put in place and expressed his choice, his confidence in his son. We now embrace Pastor Mark, undergird him as we did his father with prayers and fasting, and intercession. We thank you that the Glory of the Lord shall remain at Monument and as you were with Moses and then Joshua when the mantle was passed that you will be with Pastor Mark Henton for your servant Apostle Richard is dead but you have appointed another to take us to the next level, the next dimension in you. The Apostle has spoken let the church say Amen. Amen.

Don't Wreck The Train is the story of my Pastor Richard D, Henton told in song about a time he felt like giving up on the ministry. A mother of the church spoke these words in his life that gave him a new lease on life. She said "Son, Don't Wreck The Train"

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