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Types of Prayers

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As we continue this series on Intercession I encourage you to review the previous blogs i.e. What is an Intercessor, Profile of an Intercessor, Intercessor Toolkit and the Purpose of Prayer.  Kenneth Hagin in his book titled "The Art of Prayer" pages 7 and 8 list the following types of prayer:  The Prayer of Faith, the Prayer of consecration, The Prayer of Commitment, The Prayer of Worship, The Prayer of Agreement, Prayer in the Spirit, United Prayer, The Prayer of Supplication and Intercessory Prayer. Elizabeth Alves in her book "Becoming a Prayer Warrior" describes the following types of prayer:  Praise and thanksgiving, Confession and forgiveness, Intercession and Petition. I have listed the various types of prayers to enlighten you to what they are.  However, as I discussed them the opinions I offer are those of my own and not necessary how they wrote about them although our thoughts are very similar. 

The Prayer of Faith is always based on the word of God.  You don't have to add "if it be your will" because you know according to his word it is his will.  Nothing can be accomplished without faith.  There is no need to pray if you don't believe that God will hear, he is able and he will perform it.  To pray this type of prayer you must know what the will of God is - that means to search the word of God to see what he says about this situation, what authority are you operating in, do you meet the conditions for this word to be true in your life etc.  This type of prayer is relying on Hebrews 11:1 " Now Faith Is" Apostle Richard D. Henton (Monument of Faith) recently preached a sermon "Now My Faith Is"  you must take the word of God and make it personal.  Now My faith is bringing to me every righteous request, it is manifesting the promises of God in my life and for those that I bring to the throne of God, my faith causes me to receive the things of God, it is making available to me the promises of God.  This type of prayer requires total obedience to Mark 11:22-23 "and Jesus answering saith unto them, Have Faith In God.  James 5:15 and the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up, and if he has committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. This prayer says to the enemy as Paul said "Sirs I believe God, and may I add that is my final answer.

The Prayer of Consecration - this is an old concept and often forgotten in our modern world of Christianity.  You seldom hear anyone say consecrate me Oh Lord to do your will.  This type of prayer is an urgent and fervent request that says I want to do what you want me to do, I want to desire what you want me to desire, to go where you tell me, to hear your voice clearly and always obey you. John 2:7 his mother saith unto the servants, WHATEVER HE SAITH UNTO YOU, DO IT.  This prayer is one of dedication to the service of the Lord - a plea to make me a yielded vessel fit for your use and for your glory.  It is a denial of your flesh, your will, your desires, what you think is right or wrong and seeking the truth of God for your life.  Oh, that the Body of Christ would cry out to God in this prayer - then I'm sure we would witness the raw power of God, miracles and wonders untold.

The Prayer of Commitment.  Webster defines commit as: to do, perform 2) to give over to another care - entrust 3) to pledge oneself to 4) to obligate or bind. This prayer can be used to commit yourself to carry out the will of God that has been revealed to you. Some people have committed themselves to a life of prayer and intercession. This type of prayer encourages us to surrender those things we can not control and not allow them to be a distraction to our prayer life. The enemy is tricky and can cause us to become overly burdened about our families, jobs, unsaved loved ones, finances, health etc to the point that we go from trusting to worry. Isaiah 41:10 tells us to Fear not, God is with us, he will strengthen us, help us and uphold us. Phil 4:6 be careful for nothing, tell Jesus about it. I Peter 5:7 cast all our cares upon him. Jer 29:11 I know my thoughts for you. Psalms 138:8, Psalms 57:2 and Phil 1:6 essentially says I WILL PERFECT THOSE THINGS THAT CONCERN YOU or simply stated DON'T WORRY - I GOT YOUR BACK. So this type of prayer is about placing every person, situation or circumstance into the hands of God, releasing it completely to him and giving him praise by faith that ALL IS WELL.

The Prayer of Worship - this is a POWERFUL WEAPON.  My pastor, Apostle R. D. Henton often explains the difference between praise and worship like this: praise is about what God has done i.e. save me, brought me out, put food on my table etc. but worship is about who God is - you are awesome, wonderful, holy, omnipresence, omnipotent  etc.  Worship is spiritual lovemaking, adoration that awakens your inner man and takes you into the very presence of God.  I challenge every reader to take one hour, one day and declare it a time of worship and praise.  What this means is that I will not murmur, complain nor make any petition during this time but everything in me will focus on loving, praising and worshipping God.  I can guarantee that you will experience a new breakthrough in your life.  How can I say that?  The word of God says He inhabits the praises of his people.  God loves the sound of worship and we were created to praise him (see Psalms 22:3,119:164,107:8, 138:2-4, Psalms 34, Psalms: 148).  So I dare you, in the midst of your pain, your hurt, your disappointments, setbacks, fears, shame even in the midst of disgrace to STOP AND GIVE HIM PRAISE, HONOR AND WORSHIP DUE TO HIS NAME.  The enemy will flee, your world will be changed, and your inner man will be strengthened.  What about my petitions?  He already knows what you need and if you give him what he wants he will give you what you need and so much more.


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