Preaching as War
9/27/12 at 01:29 PM 10 Comments

The Sheep are Ready to Slaughter

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Bill Clinton was the worst president in the history of the United States. He was not the worst because he was the worst man to serve. Who am I to judge such things?Most today measure presidential success by policies and economics. I do not. I am offering a spiritual measurement. Never before in history have so many Americans chosen spiritual foolishness than under the governance of Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton was and is a pathological liar. The evidence was and is everywhere. He lies about everything. He lies about things that matter (raping Juanita Broderick, sexually abusing Kathleen Willy, etc). He lies about things off the cuff, ("You probably think I taxed you too much. I do too.").

The Bible says that "If a ruler listens to falsehood, all his officials will be wicked." In the United States, "We the people" are the rulers. We listened to Clinton's lies and agreed that he was honest. We celebrated him as the president and supported him to the end. We as a people listen to lies. We as a people have made our officials wicked.

Ironically, Bush was and is an honest man. His policies I largely disagreed with, and some I liked. But no one could find him lying. And yet, we as a nation, by the end of his time, called him a liar and said we don't need any like him. Regardless of policy and results, the spotlight was on the souls of Americans, and it showed our wickedness that we call liars honest, and honest men liars.

We are a nation of fools. We wanted comfort, and were willing to listen to liars at the highest positions. Today, we hear lies all the time. Obama lies about whether or not an attack on an embassy is terrorism, and no one cares. Why would we? We deserve to be led by wicked people. We, as a nation, have given up discernment.

In the Bible, it says that in the end times "a strong delusion," will be poured out by God, so that the stubborn will believe the lies of the anti-christ. I never guessed that the delusion would also arise from a willingness of people to believe liars if they think it works in their best interest.

I don't see anti-christ right now (maybe he is somewhere today, maybe not). But his sheep are ready to follow him. The nations are ready to believe any lie. America, as a majority, has chosen comfort, safety, and sin over truth. We are falling from within. When our economy really does collapse (it hasn't yet), we will get what we deserve. We are a nation of fools.

That said, I know many are among this nation who love Jesus. To my brothers and sisters, I urge you not to lose heart. Our hope is in the gospel. This is the time when the freedom of Jesus will break the chains of millions. Let us participate in our government, but beware confusing it with the Kingdom of God. Love and be kind to everyone you meet, for love meets the needs of all.

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