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Michael Bresciani

Rev Bresciani is a journalist with over 30 years experience writing and pastoring. Over twenty five internet sites feature his articles, reports and reviews.

Posted 4/22/14 at 10:38 AM | Michael Bresciani |


Revival in America? – Not an Option it is a Necessity

Writing of the moral decline in the US has become almost a guarantee that my articles will be tucked away in the faith section or used as filler during days of religious observances.

Noting the backward slide into every prurient, perverted and libidinous behavior Americans can conger, is largely treated like scolding and rebuke rather than a call to return to the faith of our fathers.

Perverse thinking and behaviors are not constrained to our sexual pursuits as recent headlines attest. The bar has been lowered or removed completely for some activities that in times past would have been unthinkable - how about these for example.

Veterans slam New York Times piece linking vets to hate groups

Obama Admin Will Consider Pardons for Thousands of Drug Offenders; Networks Ignore? FULL POST

Posted 4/19/14 at 9:22 AM | Michael Bresciani

Easter and Prophecy - The Resurrection You Will Believe

Approaching Easter, it is apparent that each celebration of Christ’s resurrection from now on, has more significance than at any other time in history. The reason is simple; what is known as the “first resurrection” (Rev 20: 5, 6) is according to prophecy not very far away.

Yes, this writer is aware of the pagan roots of the holiday we now call Easter, but we are addressing the heart of the matter here, not the misguided perception. The heart is resurrection, nothing more.

What Easter is Not!

People who only darken the door of the church on Christmas and Easter are not likely to have any knowledge of how these holy days really came about and if they were to ask, they would most likely get a standard religious answer based on that church’s view, rather than a scripturally based explanation. FULL POST

Posted 4/14/14 at 1:42 PM | Michael Bresciani |


More on the Blood Red Moons – The Tetrads are Not Biblical Signs

It amazes me that every day more hype and excitement is added to the upcoming business of the tetrads. The four blood red moons are an astronomical event that is aligned to Jewish celebrations such as the Feast of Trumpets, Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles.

Pastor John Hagee’s books and messages has everyone buzzing and that is why I addressed this phenomenon in my article “Four Blood Moons – Let’s Stop the Hype”

I have poured over these events much further than I care to and my conclusions are always the same – beware!

I don’t need to add very much to what I have already said in my articles, but three significant points should be emphatically reiterated.

1.) If astronomical signs that can be determined by ordinary science are the fulfillment of the second coming signs of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, then there is not one stitch of truth to the words of our Lord’s proclamation that no man will know the day or the hour of his return. FULL POST

Posted 4/9/14 at 11:29 AM | Michael Bresciani |

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Four Blood Moons – Let’s Stop the Hype

To this writer, it is the prophecy buff that causes the most trouble for the serious student of prophecy. Prophecy fills about one third of the entire Bible, but it is a very serious matter and is not open to the hobbyist or the wild speculations of every newbie that decides to jump into the eschatological discipline and make predictions, prognostications and a lot of guesswork.

New movements, cults and those who name dates do the most damage because their utterances and their movements come and go which emboldens the scoffers and disappoints the true believers.

Many years ago a prophetic calling was laid upon my life after years of pastoring. I did not immediately know the significance of that calling until today. And yet, even for that I have long understood that no one prophet, pastor or evangelist can be taken seriously if they are introducing something that is contrary to the scripture.

While some things are more subtle than others, the scripture is quite clear. Here are just a few things that address the hype about the blood moon tetrads and those who espouse their importance. FULL POST

Posted 4/5/14 at 10:51 AM | Michael Bresciani |


Homosexual Lobby: Making Children of Hell in America

In his day Christ constantly rebuked the religious leaders for their hypocrisy and for misleading people from acknowledging that God was doing something new in their time. While clinging to the old revelation they were leading their followers down the path to hell.

Looking at the scribes and Pharisees eye to eye, Christ rebuked them with what may have seemed a harsh message for his time and what may soon become an illegal message in our time. Let’s see.

Openly rebuking the leaders of the massive temple worship system of his day would be the equivalent of scolding both the leaders of today’s apostate church and just about everyone involved in politics from the President to the local politician.

One recent example is gubernatorial candidate Scott Lively of Massachusetts. Up east in the most liberal state in the union, candidate Scott Lively openly declared that he would never do anything to further the homo-agenda, especially as it pertains to the indoctrination of children. FULL POST

Posted 4/1/14 at 1:59 PM | Michael Bresciani |


Why ‘God Is Not Dead’ is the box-office surprise of 2014

In between publishing Dr. Jerry Newcombe’s article “Great New Movie - God’s Not Dead” and Rev Austin Miles review of the movie entitled “God's Not Dead a Hit With All, Movie Review,” came a trip to a nearby theatre to see the film. With two reviews already posted at the American Prophet website it hardly seemed necessary to post yet another review - glowing or not.

Not only had I brought several friends along to see the film with me, but shortly after that I urged a few more people to go see the film while it was still in town. The reaction was always the same they were surprised and delighted. One teacher of the Bible had to call me as soon as his feet were out of the theatre where cell phones must be turned off. He gave me an ecstatic account of the film between the exit doors of the theatre and the parking lot. FULL POST

Posted 3/28/14 at 1:35 PM | Michael Bresciani

“Social Issues” – The New Hiding Place for Sleaze

“Social Issues” – The New Hiding Place for Sleaze

“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (Proverbs 16: 25)

Finding the prototypical list of today’s social issues is a difficult matter indeed. One of the largest lists can be found on the Library of Congress listing under the title ‘Social issues in America: an encyclopedia’ edited by James Ciment. There are no less than 168 entries describing the social issues in the U.S. today.

While the data includes some uber-peripheral nonsense such as environmental justice, not in my back yard, urban sprawl and stress; it does not include homosexuality, abortion or government corruption. It does include - you guessed it – gay rights!

Yet, when political parties and civic action groups meet to discuss the issues of the day, abortion, LGBT advancement and corruption always make the number one topic of discussion. FULL POST

Posted 3/20/14 at 2:29 PM | Michael Bresciani |


Bill Maher’s Blasphemy, Idiotic View of Biblical Theology and Bad Math

If Barack Obama is, as some now say, the imperial President he may want to be on the lookout for a liberal leaning court jester – who better than late night master of malediction - Bill Maher.

Not satisfied just to blaspheme God, Maher decided to insult 60 million Americans for believing in the Bible and specifically for their belief in the story of Noah’s Ark. In a video provided by The Blaze, Maher is seen surrounded by his usual sycophants all adoringly transfixed on their guru of garbage and ready to laugh, seemingly - right on cue, faces beaming, for the privilege of being in the presence of the master of mindless malevolent mayhem and muck.

Maher thought it was sporting to call God a “psychotic mass murderer” because he decided to destroy all of the ancients in a flood. Maher said he destroyed the good and the bad, but that isn’t what the record says. He destroyed them all because none of them had a stitch of decent moral behavior according to the bible. God told Abraham he would not destroy the city of Sodom if he could find only ten righteous people there. The rest of that story is history. FULL POST

Posted 3/19/14 at 5:55 PM | Michael Bresciani

America: Plunging Headlong into Reprobation?

The dictionary definition pales against the Biblical definition of reprobation. The Bible says God gives men over to a state of reprobation, as we collectively approach the last days of time before the second coming of Christ. The definition given in Romans 1:28 is one of the most frightening prophetic statements in all of scripture.

Speaking of conditions preceding the last days the Apostle Paul declared, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient”

The phrase ‘God gave them over’ is enough to make us shudder when considering that if God gives us up, redemption and any chance of recovery is literally impossible.

The most basic sense of reprobation in the bible refers to something far more than simple immorality, it is the inability to hear, understand and implement any truth or morality. Right and wrong are impossible to discern with a reprobate mind. FULL POST

Posted 3/9/14 at 6:08 PM | Michael Bresciani |

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America – Reaching for the Stars, while running out of Space?

Our idea of space travel is hindered by a few facts that neither NASA nor any other scientific discipline cares to comment on at length. The simple fact that time and space cannot be reconciled when considering that man’s greatest limitation is the vastness of time - not space. What does this mean exactly?

The uncomplicated explanation is that even if man were to travel to the nearest star, assuming some craft could obtain speeds near to the speed of light, upon returning, the earth would be approximately 400,000 years older than when they departed.

To overcome this incredible hindrance to space travel man has found the solution in what is known as a ‘wormhole.’ The wormhole is a ready made substitution for what we hope , one day, will come out of quantum physics. There is zero proof that wormholes function as perceived or that they can propel objects or man great distances and overcome time restraints as mentioned.

Not to be deterred, man has invented what is known as ‘time warp’ and has used it extensively in space, already now for about 50 years, at least in fantasy world. When science fiction guru, Gene Rodenberry, drafted his first ideas for the Star Trek series, Roddenberry intended to base his famous series on Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. Great fantasy, fair fiction, but lousy science – why bother to tell this generation that they are not going to make the stars because it is time - not space, that they are running out of rather quickly. FULL POST

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