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Michael Bresciani

Rev Bresciani is a journalist with over 30 years experience writing and pastoring. Over twenty five internet sites feature his articles, reports and reviews.

Posted 4/28/16 at 8:27 PM | Michael Bresciani

America: Why are we Shunning our Messengers and Blocking our Ears?

When nations are in decline they all tend to follow the same path. They place their hope in a new leader who says all the right things and in a desperate attempt to clean up the mess the citizens have made, he or she is placed on the top of the rubble and expected to lead us out of the shambles.

Mao promised that he would give China what the old dynasties could never produce; they got communism.

Mussolini promised Italians a return to the glory of Rome; they got subservience to Germany followed by humiliating defeat.

Hitler promised a renewed and “Great Germany” that would rule nations for thousand years; They got a world that bound itself together at the cost of millions of lives to crush her ambitions in less than a decade which left her destroyed, divided and stuck with a legacy of shame.

Then along comes America with her deep plunge into perversity and immorality, scoffing at her founding fathers and ignoring her roots in Scripture, and her very own Constitution. The answer to all this is, yet another leader (Donald Trump) who promises more “greatness.”

The exceptional nation is about to prove it is just like all the nations before it – that is not so exceptional after all. FULL POST

Posted 4/22/16 at 5:59 PM | Michael Bresciani

Trump OK with Men in Women’s Bathrooms - Wants to be President?

In a video entitled “Trump Surrenders to 'LGBT' Bathroom Nonsense” Donald Trump is heard saying “He is fine with those who identify as the opposite sex using the restroom of their choice.”

Is this is the man millions of followers are clamoring to give the GOP nomination to?

Is this great confusion in Trump’s mind about genders a preview of what he means by the promise to “Make America great again?"

Trump’s choice of ideas is about as stable and promising as his choice of words concerning just about everything and every person, especially those who oppose him.

From the “Evangelicals” supporting Trump to the news outlets and pundits that are paving the way for this man, the call goes out, not just to roll it back, the call is now - to repent.

There is but one thing that is further apart than the east is from the west – the word statesmen and the name Donald Trump. FULL POST

Posted 4/20/16 at 9:37 AM | Michael Bresciani

Donald Trump’s Actual Net Worth is slightly over $160.00

As a child we were told that the actual worth of our bodies was about $4.50. Accounting for inflation and price rises over half a century we are all now worth about $160.00 depending on our weight.

Donald Trump’s claim that he is worth over ten billion dollars works just fine in the minds of those to whom the American Dream is calculated in dollars. Hero worship is a base compunction among those who could not spot character and other redeeming qualities without changing the premise of their world view.

In the realm of Christian apologetics and sound theology, a world view is a supreme test of how a man, or a crowd, discerns what success is, and is generally what drives most people to make the decisions they do.

We love to repeat the adage that when you die regardless of how much you are worth – “you can’t take it with you.” This adage is so immutably true that it includes the $160.00 worth of flesh that we carry around from day to day.

How much is Donald Trump worth? You do the math.

Just as in politics we have what is known as “Republican in name only,” Christianity has what we call “Christians in name only,” for which we might use the acronym CINO’s. FULL POST

Posted 4/8/16 at 6:37 PM | Michael Bresciani

America’s Ever Increasing Capacity for Delusion

The Bible plainly teaches that one of the characteristics of the end of this age is that people will develop a capacity for delusion rather than the truth. – Rev Billy Graham - From Billy Graham: Delusion or Deliverance?

Delusions are cropping up faster than weeds in what was once one of the finest gardens the world has ever known – the United States of America. But why?

It would be all too easy to say what this writer believes with every molecule in my body – we are approaching the very last of the last days as we know them. Before the reader flees away mumbling something about those darn doomsday prophets, consider these prophecies, which in fact, are promises.

The question of why we choose delusions is the easiest of all to answer. When the truth is not loved, revered and respected, the next thing we meet on the road is “delusion” and her companion or mate, “strong delusion.”

The delusion spoken of in this passage of scripture can only be connected to the last days because the verses preceding it have to do with the coming of the antichrist. We are already witnessing the strong delusions, which means, the antichrist is not far behind. FULL POST

Posted 3/30/16 at 8:08 AM | Michael Bresciani

Trump Takes but Gives Nothing Back to America – Three Clear Examples

It goes without saying that any contributions to democrats and especially those who support false marriage and abortion do not count as serious philanthropy or benevolent giving. Since Donald Trump has given to those who back these kinds of things we will not include them for obvious reasons.

The list is larger than all that is included here, but it is these three things that clearly show that Donald is a taker and has felt it is his right to avail himself of other people’s money, property and goods.

We can’t be sure where Trump got his definition of “greatness” but in most circles this kind of self-indulgence does not make anyone “great”

Is this the kind of thing Donald holds up for our future as he carries us toward “greatness?”

1. Eminent Domain

Trump says he likes Eminent domain and the proof is that he has used it for his own gain.

This writer spent years reading the biographies of great men and women and I can say with all certainty, none of them thought that taking other people’s property was a rite of passage or a redeemable method to get gain.

More Americans lose because of Donald Trump. FULL POST

Posted 3/24/16 at 9:41 AM | Michael Bresciani

Statesman or Phenom – America Clamors for a King

I saw the danger and I passed along the enchanted way

And I said let grief, be as a fallen leaf, at the dawning of the day

Patrick Kavanagh

Irish Poet Paddy Kavanagh was making reference to a lovely dark haired woman when he penned this line from the much loved ballad entitled “On Raglin Road.” But the essence of this line can easily be applied to the political scene in America today.

Before Obama took office and continuously thereafter this writer penned almost sixty articles of warning about the foolhardiness of choosing Barack. Similarly, writers on my website wrote a whopping 96 articles in the same vein. Obviously, few took us seriously and if we were to include the thousands of articles written across the spectrum, there could be only one conclusion - America chose very badly.

Today’s political climate during these primaries can best be described by borrowing a phrase from the late Ronald Reagan, “there you go again - America.”

The fight is the fiercest right now because the primaries will determine which candidate must head off another liberal onslaught against our Constitution, our way of life and our entire hope of the future as a nation. FULL POST

Posted 3/20/16 at 6:34 PM | Michael Bresciani

Twenty percent of Trump followers OK with slavery – A return to darkness?

After the long battle against slavery in England led by William Wilberforce, the British Parliament passed the “Slavery Abolition Act of 1833.” Only 30 years later President Abraham Lincoln issued the final Emancipation Proclamation to abolish slavery on January 1, 1863. It would seem that no more was needed, the two greatest nations in the free world had spoken – no more slavery!

But racism and bigotry was never completely buried in the United States. Years of mis-treatment of blacks gave rise to the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s and the emergence of prominent figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King.

The dark and troubling legacy of the KKK and other racist groups followed close behind the civil rights efforts of the 60’s and it seemed that they all but fell into obscurity. (Perhaps!)

The perceived obscurity of racist organizations has ended with a vengeance, since the emergence of the Trump campaign of 2016. FULL POST

Posted 3/13/16 at 3:59 PM | Michael Bresciani

Trump Rally Comes Dangerously Close to Trump Riot – Anger breeds more anger

Chicago 3/11/2016 - Trump supporters sent home because over ten thousand protesters call him a hater and a racist.

The cancelled Trump rally is a testament against the decayed and pitiful state of the American political process. Trump decried the loss of his “freedom of speech” but refused to take any responsibility for the mis-use of his own first amendment rights.

Previously protestors at Trump’s rallies were physically ejected and some were punched in the face as they were escorted out. That scene closely followed Trump’s declaration that he wanted to punch some protestors in the face.

Do we dare to remind the Trumpette’s that our founding fathers warned that personal responsibilities were not to be suspended for the exercise of free speech?

Do we dare to ask the Donald if he would conjure up the memories of his third grade teacher, who told him, that even little rich boys will only stir up a lot of anger if they put out a lot of anger?

Do we dare to remind Donald that most Americans don’t like the idea that only black lives matter above the idea that all lives matter. We also think that America does not want to be a Bernie Sanders modern socialistic nanny state. But we also still believe in the need for our best representatives and leaders to be gentlemen at the least and hopefully statesmen - if possible. FULL POST

Posted 3/11/16 at 1:07 PM | Michael Bresciani

Eric Trump to Greta on the Trump University Scam – “It’s a Small Thing”

Appearing with Greta Van Susteren on Monday March 7, 2016 Eric Trump warmed to Greta who had only on the previous day fawned over Melania Trump. She garnished her interview with the words “First Lady” with what seemed like hopeful smiles.

It was a long list of about how great it felt to see his father filling stadiums and sailing along as the undisputed front runner in the GOP battle for the party’s nomination.

Near the end of the interview Greta raised the questions of Trump University which is being labeled a scam by some including presidential hopeful Marco Rubio.

The Trump University’s scandal is embroiled in controversy, but it cannot be denied or taken as a campaign device because it, like so many of Trump’s business dealings, is a matter of public record.

The University changed its name from Trump University to ‘The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative and is now believed to be out of business. The BBB in New York received complaints relating to products and services. And the New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, filed a $40M suit against TU for, “engaging in persistent fraudulent, illegal and deceptive conduct in connection with the operation of Trump University, between 2005 through 2011.” FULL POST

Posted 3/10/16 at 8:15 PM | Michael Bresciani

Why Neither Riches Nor Rich Men - Can Save America

It is hard to imagine why anyone who sees the trend toward Donald Trump for president would stand in the road and say “wrong way.” Why put up with the screaming, the insults, and the friction of going against the mob?

For those who have looked at other candidates and carefully weighed their records and their rhetoric and concluded that someone like Ted Cruz would steady the nation after eight years of the most unstable, unconstitutional president in our history, it is clear by their learned choice that “wisdom is justified of all her children.” (Lk 7: 35)

But the crowds have made it clear that emotion and lower compunctions are what will lead this election, not wisdom. It is also clear that if the nation does not wise up rather quickly poise will give way to noise, which we will no doubt be hearing like a nauseous repetitive clanging bell, for the next 4/8 long years.

It can only be a case of getting shed of one man who doesn’t care about the constitution and the rule of law, and moving seamlessly into the administration of another man, who does not understand the constitution and is a law unto himself.

The dreamers think that out of this will come - “greatness,” riches for all, jobs, standing in the world and peace. It is extremely hard not to add the phrase – “And they lived happily ever after.” FULL POST

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