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Praising Even When It Hurts

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So many times in our life we encounter trials, obstacles, and struggles. While this is nothing new, it's certainly not enjoyable. And so we work to learn the lessons needed in order to benefit from these experiences, and we do the best we can. But what could also help us in these times of difficulty? Is there something else we could do? Is there more?

Perhaps the greatest thing we could do, in addition to learning the necessary lessons to be gained, is to embrace and enjoy the process as much as is realistically possible. Not every encounter will be fun, but the more we are able to enjoy the process the more we will be able to grow and endure, in spite of the hardships.

But how does one go about enjoying this kind of process? Even with a foreknowledge of future events, and a confidence of a greater hope yet awaiting us, the adversity we experience is still very real, still very difficult. So how can we learn to enjoy and endure difficult seasons?

Perhaps the best way is to enter into praise. Praise provides a way for us to embrace and endure trials.  We can praise with our mouth, we can praise with our actions, we can praise in our minds, we can praise in song, among many other forms of praise. The good thing about the act of praise is that it is also an act of our will, not necessarily of our emotions, feelings, or circumstances. And with this understanding, we are able to enter in to praise as a matter of our individual, God-given will, as a matter of choice.

When we shift our attention on to praise we move our mind and focus off of our problems, and on to our solutions. And with this, we are able to not only change our perspectives in our minds, but also, and sometimes more importantly, in our hearts. Praising, especially in difficult times, and in delays, affects us in radical ways, allowing us to abide in a state that surpasses our present circumstances.

And with this in mind, we are able to learn to enjoy and receive our hardships as we continue to commune and fellowship with God, our father, in our hearts, minds, and with the praises in our mouths. Of course this is not always easy. In fact, it is quite difficult most times. But difficult or not, it is terribly effective and worth the pursuit and practice.

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